Why are Arsenal not splashing the cash this summer?

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Arsene_Wenger2We are almost 7 weeks into the transfer window (not 11 days as some Gooners think) and we have signed one player on a free contract. Meanwhile, other clubs, including our rivals are making signings all around us.

In a summer where Wenger and the board were meant to be making moves to strengthen up the squad and enable us to compete for a trophy, it is simply not good enough that we fly out to Vietnam on pre-season, with no new additions to the first team other than an injury prone postie.

For a team who have made it clear that they have a £70m transfer budget available, they are really taking their time in getting players signed, when we are in desperate need of squad members at least.

Since the end of the season players like Jesus Navas, Radamel Falcao, Carlos Tevez, Mario Gomez, Victor Wayanama etc., have all been signed within a week of negotiating deals. On the other hand, we have to settle for the realisation that when it comes to transfers, we are absolutely inept at tying up a deal and it normally comes down to finances.

Whether you blame Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis or Stan Kroenke it still doesn’t make it easier to endure the embarrassment that our transfer policy emits. There is no excuse whatsoever if we haven’t signed anyone in the next 53 days. With Kroenke and Gazidis both insisting funds need to be spent that only leaves Wenger to blame and rightly so in my opinion.

Wenger is a very clever man. That economics degree has worked wonders for the club in the past and the money genius does deserve praise for the fact that our club is financially stable and will be for a while.

Although I can agree this bodes well for the future, it is clear we have sacrificed the present moment to plan for a future that doesn’t exist yet and this worries me. If we wanted an amazing accountant as our team manager then this was a great success, but I think we all wanted a manager whose sole focus was football and Wenger hasn’t managed that. It has become clear that despite his immense intelligence Arsene can’t do both jobs, he has to choose between finance and football and then focus on that.

I personally think that when it comes down to the end of this transfer window people will really start to see that Wenger is at fault if we have lost out on players like Fellaini and Rooney for the sake of a couple of million pounds. It will be the Mata story repeated. I think Le boss has forgotten that it isn’t actually his money, it is the club’s and the fans money. We deserve to have a say on how it is spent and opinion on why we aren’t signing world class players.

Wenger gets £7.5 million a year for the (dis)pleasure of being our manager. That is wages of £150k a week. How on earth can he justify not breaking his wage structure of 100k a week to bring in good players when he accepts wages that are higher than any of our players? In this modern day, football is more money based and as a result you have to pay more in wages and fees. As with any business, you have to speculate to accumulate.

Another frustrating summer pans out and everyone else in the league continue to strengthen their teams and we sit and wait in the hope for a miracle but they don’t seem to come our way much at the moment.

I am hoping that Arsenal sign some players by September, or we really will be in trouble.

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  • lexyl says:

    @MJB, stop being ignorant. Even a fool knows that who ever acts fast during the transfer window gets the better player. Accepted that transfers are not done over night but you forget the wise saying ” make hay while the sun shines”. Stop settling for less, AFC fans are mocked everywhere and yet we keep babbling about how successful we were 8 years ago. Damn, who dwells on past glories is a failure.

    • Ibinabo Silas-Dikibo says:

      Who is talking past glory when we are the presence. 8 years & we are still counting. Right under our noses, almost all the marquee players linked with AFC have been signed by other serious minded clubs.

  • Mark says:

    And I thought you might have renewed your season ticket because you are a dedicated Gooner – how naive of me!

    Football has changed and we have no automatic right to trophies – In Arsene we trust

  • temi naija says:

    Wenger and Arsenal broad will never sing any quality player, don’t let them device U?? Oº°??°º ?, they are business men, Arsenal is a business club, no ambition. Remember January transfer window, M villa, David Villa, now Rooney, Fellaini etc, they mention big player that they can never buy, No money it all lies. Don’t be deceived

  • Greybeard says:

    I can repeat this only so many times – Arsene Wenger is the football manager and coach! He doesn’t deal with the transfers – the lawyers, accountants, agents and executives do all of that. All Arsene does is say who he thinks would fit the team – the rest is up to the business men. The bigger the player the more complicated the contract, the longer it takes! Some of the earlier responses to this blog makes me wonder why some of you are allowed out on your own, Supporters? I don’t think so!

  • Chigo says:

    Wenger is not a straight forward person, he promised and always fails. Wake up man! Buy corrects players.

  • arsenal-steve says:

    Has anyone considered whether Wenger has a mental health problem. He CANNOT buy because he may have OCD over money. If this is the case he WILL never buy the best. He CAN’T.

  • chidosky says:

    i’m tired of all dis transfer crap. D foolish old proffesor n d stingy useless board shud consider our suffering (arsenal fans) in d hands of oda club fans. We ar d laughin stock of d EPL top 6.

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