The most bizarre (and potentially exciting) Arsenal transfer rumour of the summer?


‘Bookies stop taking bet’s stories are a lot of fun aren’t they? You never really know if they’ve stopped taking bets to create a little publicity for themselves, or if they’ve done so because they feel they need to protect themselves financially.

Take this story regarding Arsenal and Luis Suarez.  The Daily Mail recently reported that Sky Bet slashed their odds on Suarez moving to the Emirates from 20-1 to 7-2, whilst William Hill suspended betting completely. 

Is this because there’s insider information out there that points towards an Arsenal transfer? Or is it just a load of nonsense?

The safe bet, in this occasion, is likely the latter. It just doesn’t feel right to see the Gunners get linked to a player with a £40m price-tag.

The Uruguayan striker has been linked with a move to Real Madrid, but the Gunners are in desperate need of signing a new striker.

Olivier Giroud doesn’t really cut the mustard, whilst the likes of Theo Walcott, Lukas Podolski and Gervinho are better suited out wide. Improving the options going forward is a must this summer.

Luis Suarez would make a huge difference at the Emirates. He’s a one of a kind talent, a game changer and a man capable of moments of magic. When talking about Suarez, the hyperbole and the cliches tend to flow easily.

He’d offer the technical ability and craft that Giroud seems to lack and, most importantly, he’d provide a genuine goal threat. Last season he scored 30 goals in 44 games. He had a fantastic record when playing with Ajax. He knows how to find the back of the net.

So yes, he would be a good fit for Arsenal, if they were willing to shell out £40m. The club would also have to deal with signing a player with a bad reputation. Without wanting to dig up the details, Arsene Wenger needs to decide whether he’s willing to take the risk on a player with a patchy record (at best).

Moreover, Suarez has to decide whether he’d leave a club he loves to join a club who he has no real affection for. Of course, he’d get some Champions League action, but wasn’t isn’t Real Madrid appealing to the Uruguyan because he’d be able to escape the British Press? Arsenal are under just as much scrutiny as Liverpool.

All of which makes any potential deal extremely unlikely. But stranger things have happened. And admit it Arsenal fans – if this deal were to go through, you’d feel a surge of excitement despite yourselves.

What’s your take? Could Arsenal really be interested in signing Luis Suarez? 

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  • gunner till i die says:

    Arsenal will not spend a fucking penney in this transfer market it all lies

  • boringly boring says:

    We have signed messi.
    So wenger said.

  • GaryH says:

    First of all I like Suarez as a player but hate the way he acts/behaves and is a disgrace.

    I do have knowledge from an Arsenal employee who comes into where I work and they comfirmed Arsenal had gone for Suarez. Whether it was just an enquiry or a lowball offer they didn’t say but there is some truth to the link. Personally I think Suarez will go to Real Madrid.

  • slick says:

    you wont stump up 25 mil and 75K a week for fellani but you will smash 40 mil and 125K for Suarez you gooners are in dream land and not the good one.

  • Bill says:

    Arseanall haven’t got The money to buy his boots let alone him. And why would he go there unless they’re relocating to France. It’s this country and our dodgy press he wants away from.

  • Barry wooding says:

    We cant buy any one yet because like 2 years ago the guy with the money on holiday till end of next week

  • Ally says:

    Suarez would probably go to Cowdenbeath if it meant getting away from Liverpool!

  • Roland C Rozario says:

    We have kept our sanity so far on this Huge-Gain transfer episode so lets be patient till the end of this week….and hopefully he signs for Arsenal!!
    And should this be pulled off Gonzalo will be a Huge-Gain for Arsenal!!

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