Let Luis Go: Why Liverpool’s poisoned chalice needs to move on


There’s been a lot of talk about Luis Suarez’s future this summer. I mean a lot.  Try putting a Google Alert on the Uruguayan’s name and watch how quickly your inbox fills.

Naturally, Liverpool fans are beginning to grow a little bored of the whole situation. What’s particularly frustrating is the slew of emotional responses that this transfer saga has provoked. Does Luis Suarez really deserve that? If he wants to move on, shouldn’t the Reds send him on his way, wish him luck and move on?

I’m not blind to the fact that he’s an extremely important player for the Reds. He was Liverpool’s best player by a country mile last season. Even with his disciplinary record, Suarez is worth his weight in gold.

I won’t go into the usual cliches and superlatives that seem to attach themselves to Suarez. Suffice to say, I think most teams would (secretly) like to see Luis Suarez lead their line.

What clubs don’t like, is keeping hold of a player who wants to move on. It’s for exactly this reason that the Reds need to get rid. Liverpool legend, Jan Molby seems to be with me on that point:

“The last thing you want is an unhappy player and Liverpool know that. They’ve been busy in the market and it appears they’re almost readying themselves for life without Suarez. I think he’s made it pretty clear that he would like to try something new, including playing at a club that’s in the Champions League. If that’s how he feels, the club has to do the business.” (Source: The Mirror)

That’s right Jan. Stripping away any emotional reaction from to this story, Liverpool need to consider selling on a purely financial basis. I said earlier that Suarez is worth his weight in gold – so why not convert that into cash and start plucking up other players and building a more balanced, stronger squad?

Too often last year, Liverpool were a one-man team, reliant on Suarez’s goals and technical ability to pull them through. When this reliance becomes embedded, it’s not healthy for the future of the club. The Reds need to break free.

Brendan is already in the process of building a more well-rounded squad. Selling Suarez may well be the last step. If he’s ready to go, Liverpool should be ready to sell.

Whatever happens, let’s just hope it’s all resolved soon. The Reds need to start planning for their future.

What’s your take? Should Liverpool wave goodbye to their talisman, Luis Suarez?

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  • Matt says:

    What I’m bored of is muppets saying we should sell Suarez.

  • Bomber25 says:

    Liverpool have got to do what’s best for Liverpool FC. This is not about Suarez or any other club he wants to join. It is about Liverpool FC. If any club wants Suarez that club must be ready to pay big.

    • j75j says:

      Exactly! We want proper monrey £40 million plus! Suarez problem isn’t Liverpool FC or the City!!!

  • nicky brennan says:

    Fsg will sell him if, A. he puts in a transfer request, B, they get £40 +, or equivalent in players plus cash. suarez is worth his weight in gold, but like the other guy posted, no one is bigger than the club, gerrard , suarez no one.

  • Tindo says:

    Any unhappy guy is a dark cloud that would hover over Anfield for the rest of the season!!

  • foozbol says:

    A poisoned chalice scoring 30 goals a season…..
    He needs to stay one more year so that the new players that NESN bring in have a chance of supporting him up front and getting us to Champions League. After that it will be easier to let him go as big names will be happier to come and replace him.

  • Bassey opheba says:

    I want suares to move provided its the right prize and away from England since his reason is BRITISH MEDIA.

  • wippet says:

    Love the reds full stop, but if the time has come let him go. As with Torres the grass is no greener?
    If Chelsea start flexing their millions again, and don’t count that out give us Matta and 25! Proven premiership player who would fit right in with LFC style + goals galore, but spoilt Mourinio doesn’t like ? Hmmm

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