Is this £31m Manchester United transfer target worth his salt?

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Cesc FabregasLast week we heard of Manchester United’s  £26m bid for Barcelona ace and former Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas.

This took a lot of people by surprise. Why would David Moyes target somebody with such a strong affiliation to the Gunners?

Naturally, we’ve heard a lot of back-and-forth since the story first broke. We’ve heard all kinds: Arsenal have first refusal, Barcelona aren’t interested, Barcelona could be tempted, Cesc isn’t interested, Cesc could be tempted and so on. It’s becoming hard to keep track.

According to The Mirror, Barcelona are willing to sell Fabregas, but he wont come cheap. United would have to break their transfer record, slap another £5m on top of their bid and offer Barca at least £31m.

Whilst Cesc Fabregas hasn’t quite made the impact he would have liked at the Nou Camp, Barca would make a £6m profit on him if they sold him to United at this price. As such, they’d probably consider their brief rendezvous with the Spanish ace to have been a rousing success.

Whatever the truth may be, it’s clear that something’s going on behind the scenes. This raises the question: should United really be chasing Fabregas and should they really be splashing so much cash on him?

United keeper David De Gea certainly seems to think so:

“It would be great if Cesc came here. It would be great to have more Spanish players at Manchester United. He’s a great player; very skilful, knows how to win things. You always want those type of players in your team.”

The Spanish connection aside, De Gea is absolutely right. The skillful side of Fabregas’ game just isn’t highlighted enough. Whilst we all wax lyric about his vision and passing range, it’s his ability to buy himself time and space to pick out a killer ball that has made him the player he is.

Fabregas has struggled to fit in at the Nou Camp, but that’s not all that surprising given the players barring his way into the first team. The 26-year-old has to compete with Andres Iniesta and Xavi, two of the best midfielders of all time.

This wouldn’t be the case at Manchester United, where he’d be given an opportunity to stake his claim and start building a real legacy.

£31m is a lot of money, but it’d argue it would be money well spent. United need another attacking midfielder and Fabregas is one of the best available. If David Moyes pulls this one off, he’ll have engineered a real coup.

What’s your take? Should Manchester United look to strike a big money deal for Fabregas?

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  • Labo says:

    All is said and well, but let’s not forget that Arsenal can invoke their £25m buy back clause

  • salami yaqub says:

    its going to be a good addition for our squad if united cash on farbregas with good amount pls i want united make sure that them buy farbregas up man u

  • Panti tom's says:

    Its almost too late, man utds manager just go get Cese at wht evr cost. . .

  • Morons says:

    Morons,brain dead ones

  • Victor Henshaw Ita says:

    Moyes should sign world best. Players not just players if he wants to manage United,the money is not his.We must retain that trophy and win Champions league.

  • Shaun utd says:

    So frustrated, fukin united have let two great players slip away in thiago an strootman, now there chasing a player who wouldnt play for us, if we av no money just fukin say an stop stringing us fans along, were gonna get fucked next season cos of the utter shite we have in midfield an there talkin bout cabaye???? Wa the fuck???? I would rather av p neville than him, lucky if we make top 10, tot, arse an chelsea have all strenthened up why the fuck cant we??? Fukin bollocks to it

  • Benevolent says:

    Up man u, as a lion we are, we need act fast, moyes have to be very serious now, time is really going, fabregas or fellinie is very very good that field, before rooney should be sold, we to secure bale signature and fab or fellinie, pls moyes don’t put we united fans in shame, because i can’t withstand it, moyes you should not think about the money, is ur own, spend it and get what u want, unless u’re waiting for ur sack letter, up man u

  • Alex says:

    Ha ha, u united fans are deluded, fab is going no where especially united!
    He will stay at barca and come bk to his real home next year.
    Mark my words cecs will never wear a manure shirt he has to much love for arsenal…. And by the way we DO have a buy back clause.

  • Thatoo says:

    As far as i know, Barca bought Cesc for £35mil which they are still paying off. selling Cesc for 31mil is a loss, especially given the fact that Arsenal has a 50% sell on clause. So Cesc to Barca wont happen at that price.

  • musty says:

    pls moyes sign him 4 wateva cost he myth be

  • Bongo says:

    Bale, Cesc pliz DM just use all the money you were tire of waiting as the noise from the other side is getting louder

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