Finally, a Gareth Bale swap deal worth considering!

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Gareth Bale“I can’t make any more comments. I don’t want to repeat myself in all press conferences.” 

That’s Andre Villas-Boas, displaying his frustration at the constant rumour-mongering that surrounds his charge, Gareth Bale.

Unfortunately, when you’ve got a player like Bale in your team and that man has just firmly established himself as the Premier League’s best player, questions are likely to follow regarding his future. This is particularly true given the claims that Real Madrid are hovering around, waiting to strike.

When it comes to Bale, AVB has been perfectly clear all summer: “He is a player that we are willing to continue to have, he’s a Tottenham player.”

That’s pretty definitive. But despite his protestations, these conversations surrounding Bale are worth having. If Real Madrid are interested and are willing to pay market value for Bale, there will come a stage where Daniel Levy and co. have a tough choice to make.

It’s my feeling that Bale turns Tottenham from a top ten side into a top four side (yes, I realise they just missed out on a Champions League spot last year). In that regard, selling Bale could be seen as a step down.

But this is the wrong attitude to take. Selling Bale would revolutionise the way that Tottenham are able to spend money in the transfer market. With the money that he’d bring in, AVB would suddenly be able to compete for big money marquee signings.

He’d also be able to create a better, more rounded squad. At the moment there’s just too much focus on the Welshman. In particular, Spurs could use a couple of world-class strikers.

It’s also worth considering the inevitability of the whole thing. Bale will move on eventually. It’s only a matter of time. But will he be worth as much next year as he is this year? Given his contract situation, I’m not so sure.

According to The Metro, Real Madrid are willing to offer a massive sum of cash (figures of £85m have been ‘discussed’) with Coentrao thrown into the bargain. In my opinion this is a deal that Tottenham should be considering.

The Portuguese wing-back is a world-class talent (Real Madrid spent 30m euros on him back in 2011) and would certainly be a step up on Tottenham’s current options. If the cash was spent on two new (top) strikers and another defender, Spurs will have an extremely strong squad going into next season.

With that in mind, is it time to bite the bullet and let Bale go?

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  • Mikee says:

    Metro are only regurgitating what Marca (The Daily Real) are printing. Believe it at your peril.

  • colin says:

    don’t sell bale real Madrid are not a good club, they only use players and throw them away.
    They use and abuse them

  • azas says:

    He will be sold next season I imagine. Not this season though. Not when he had 3 years on his contract

  • David says:

    If Coentrao were any good Real would not want to off-load him! Forget the make weights with overinflated wage expectations if Real are serious then fork out 100 million cash–no hire purchase plans — real hard cash or certified cheque or simply shut up.

  • caveman says:

    This player swap bullshit. If AVB wanted Coentrao, wouldn’t you think he would have looked at buying him. He didn’t because he chooses who he wants to build a team that can play his way. So, like all the other ‘knowalls’ who think they know better than AVB, Levy and Baldini what’s best for Tottenham Hotspur, wind your neck in and behave yourself.

  • Dublin YID says:

    If it were to happen, the only player I would realistically demand is one that only signed an extension last week. Jese Rodriguez. And I would demand him as part of any deal or no cigar !!!

  • Dave A says:

    All this talk about £51M plus makeweights di Maria and Coentrao, I wonder if anyone has actually asked them if they want to transfer to a Europa side from a CL side?

    • Dave A says:

      …and what would happen if they refuse?

    • oj65 says:

      World cup coming up, spurs maybe in the euro tin cup but not a bad squad and excellent additions so far this window to get the deal of players and cash from rm mentioned would be good for all involved as they get better game time and we get a fantastic price for our player without the over inflated price of buying 3 top players after a massive windfall! I would also want jesse in the deal and use any remaining cash to balance the books.

  • Phil says:

    One man don’t make a team all though he comes close. But £85 million goes a long way to making a strong squad. I agree if not this season then he will go next possible for half the fee depending on the type of season he has . It’s time to put all speculation to bed and Real Madrid need to put up or shut its time to stop the show that is going on and concentrate on thfc


  • jumper says:

    I agree David and the nice thing is Levy holds the cards, he’s the man who decides if Bale stays or goes and if he goes Real Mud better have £100m and not €100m which they dont have so it’s all a load of bull. If Levy goes to the supposed meeting in miami or LA or wherever then we know Bale is being sold, if Levy is a no-show then we know Bale stays

  • grat says:

    The trouble with the idea of selling Bale and instantly transferring it into several players that will improve the squad are multiple
    First of all, any swap deal is practically never going to happen – too many parties involved means that most of the time it just isn’t viable – In fact I’m pushed to think of any at all, which, when you consider the number of times that they come up in tabloids certainly doesn’t lean to the success of a swap deal for Bale.
    So Bale goes – spurs have big pot of money to spend on several replacements – easy, and will result in Spurs having a much better squad
    but wait :-
    1/ Spurs aren’t in the champions league – your top players aren’t going to want to come to a team in the Europa league – so much for simply buying in the top replacements
    2/ Spurs have just sold their talisman – reduces the chance of them making the champions league in the future – another consideration for the top class players that we want to attract who are already wavering as there is no CL next year – Spurs are not now a team competing, but a stepping stone for lower level players
    3/ whilst £85 mill is a lot – we can still get outbid by the really rich clubs who decide that they might want one of the few class players not put off by 1 or 2. we can’t afford a bidding war so suddenly a small group we can aim for and would come – is smaller as some of these players may be wanted by the stupidly rich clubs
    4/ Everyone knows spurs have loads of money – so instant +£10mill for any future transfer – money won’t go as far as we thought
    5/ 4 new players replacing one means 4 wages replacing one. I don’t know what Bale is on now but say we’re offering him £120k p/w – what class of player are you going to get who will be happy on £30k p/w – not the quality to get spurs back in the CL that’s for sure

    So – the money comes in, and we’ve been lucky enough to find players who improve the squad, are happy that we’re not in the CL, and aren’t wanted by the bigger, richer clubs, we’ve paid over the odds and had to match their wage demands,

    Turns out we’ve got 1 maybe 2 who can improve the teamand a couple of squad players, but unlikely to be a matchwinner of the type Bale is, our chances maybe of being more consistent over the season have improved, but we’ve lost the ability to get points out of nothing – we go a little further in the cups but ultimately fall short again next season as the other teams around us have all noticably strengthened

    That big pot of money seems a lot smaller and will not stretch to the 3 top level players that everyone who advocates we sell Bale tell us we can buy – that’s if we can convince them to sign for spurs in the first place.

    The obvious answer is always keep him for another year and sell him next summer – either we’re in the CL and have a better chance for replacements, or, we F**k up again and don’t deserve him.
    remember – our manager has had a years experience creating and moulding a team
    we haven’t lost our 2 most creative players (Moderic and VDV) at the start of the season, Sandro and Kaboul should be fit (1st team regulars), we’ve got decent wing cover for the first time in years (Townsend and Chadli), a new Brazilian midfielder and (I pray)a new Striker – with Bale staying we look heaps better than last season with more strangth and depth…Game on

  • steve says:

    Coentrao, Di Maria, Benzema and £30m cash and its a deal for me.

  • John frost says:

    If bale does wnat to leave and if they offer the 51milliom mentioned and di Maria and Coentrao Tottenham have to except! I would hate to see bale leave but do Maria is quality and would add to the team and Coentrao is better than what we have at the moment I believe! Oh yea and levy may invest in a
    Playmaker (eriksen, pastore)

  • Tuatara Spur says:

    Your theory is flawed!

    Bale is already a marquee player why sell him to try to buy another who’s price will instantly become inflated as the selling team will know Spurs have the $$

    Would said marquee player want to come to Spurs ? No Champs, No Bale, No chance

    What age would new marquee player be ? Would he be anywhere near as marketable as Bale is and will become ? (Exactly how RM expect to get a return on here investment)

    Build a more rounded team, we now already have that more rounded team with our three new recruits plus Holtby, promoting from with In and the return of Sandro, Kabul. And there is still a month of the window to go for a little more tweaking and a pat on the back for a few that will be moving on!

    Need I go on ?

    Spurs will do what’s altimately right for spurs, in the long run, while maintaining the contractual obligations of their employee,

    Who feel likes playing with the mates he has at Spurs and has alevel headed plan in place’ for this season, even if his agent is pushing for his commission, do you not think Bale’s father will have an eye on what’s right for his boy long term!

    IMO Next season will be soon enough for Bale to make the change to RM and all the big player ego’s, worthwhile enjoying another season where he gets to be the no1 star then move.
    in the mean time his family can take some time to organize a house, I read from Micheal Owen living in a hotel with a new born, trying to learn a new language and meet the expectations of the fans (when you cost 100 mil) is not a bed of rose’s

    PS. I’m so disapointed with the continual “according to metro and the like, …….. come on it’s not a legitimate source of information, to quote an unsubstantiated rumor, perpetuated by a biased rag of a newspaper or web site that has quoted another web site that read it in a red top ,…………. It’s all become worse than the bullshit down the pub!

  • BabyEye says:

    Selling Bale now is the wrong move. I did think it a good idea to bolster the squad, but this article nailed it for me

    and no, I didn’t write it.

  • Choppenham says:

    Being a south African spurs fan it amazes me the shit a newspaper can get away with an how everyone sits and eats it up. I’m still very interested to know: if the have a connection to the real and do their bidding is that not illegal transfer action??if so why does no one do anything about it?an as far as Gaz leaving why does he not just say he is stayin or going.because how I see it right now is all of this just points to us being a one man team and brings down the moral of the other players at the club. I think the club needs to become more proactive in their dealings; if he is staying then come out say it and bring some charges against The newspaper Marca if they can even be called a newspaper. If Bale is leaving how about doing something clever and wrap up the business ASAP!so new players can be bought with the transfer fee players we want not last min dud buys!

    My hope obviously is that Gaz stays would be nice to see a young player with loyalty to the club and fans who love him. He says he admires Giggs well then maybe not chasing the money mite bring him closer to being his idle.
    And honestly who would want to go and play with CR7? He mite even spit at Gaz if he scores a free kick instead of letting him be the hero.

    Just get the business whatever it is done so that the entire club and players can move forward ASAP. Don’t want to be 3 or 4 games into the new season before all the drama is settled!

    COYS for life

  • oldun says:

    The wrier of this fantasy and some of those commenting seem to live in a parallel universe where everything is perfect. Not an iotaof thought. Of course any player offered by Real will not only immediately sign for Spurs, they’ll say fill in the contract wth the salary you want to pay and we’ll just sisn it. How I wish I could move to this Utopia where my wish is your command,. Naive doesn’t come close.
    P.S Anybody seen an ATTRIBUTABLE quote or named source??
    What shall we make up next?

  • spur meon says:

    spurs supporter for 52yrs, players mentioned plus the cash, if he wants to go let him go.coys.

  • Smudger14 says:

    As a spurs fan I really didn’t want bale to leave just as AVB is building a team around him and 100 million would not make up the money bale could and the team could earn us by winning the league possible cup / cups win and champion league = lots of money . Mr G Bale yes the grass might be greener in the other field but you still have to mow it

  • Jman says:

    If they are willing to spend more on bale than they did on Ronaldo why not just give us Ronaldo in exchange

  • Jon says:

    So for all of you who want to sell Bale, yes we will get a good fee for him and many of you have already spent it on various players BUT do you really think top players will want to come to a team who are NOT in the Champions League, i think not.

    Here is the answer to the problem. Bale stays for another year while we finish in the top 4, hence Champions League the season after, if and a BIG if Bale wants to go then replacements will be easier to find, job done, BUT

    Can i just remind you of one thing that Bale said in a few interviews last year, HE DOESN`T read the rubbish on the sports pages like we do, so who do we look at, WELL apart from Bale and the Club, who is going to make a lot of money with the sale to R M, ERRRRMMMMMMMM HIS AGENT.

    It would not surprise me if Bale has NO intention of moving abroard, he is a HOME person with a young family, so just calm down, treat the media as CRAP and ignore. Bale WILL be with us this season COYS The End

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