£60m? Are Manchester United having a laugh?

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Gareth BaleTottenham fans are used to seeing speculation surrounding their Welsh wizard, Gareth Bale, but things really seem to have come to a head this summer. When his presence on the FIFA 14 box and various advertisements wearing a Spurs shirt is analysed into the ground, you know that trouble is brewing.

Whilst the Papers and online media don’t help, you don’t have a season like Bale’s 2012/13 showing and expect to have a quiet summer. Despite his hefty price-tag, I’m sure Gareth Bale’s agent has been kept fairly busy since the transfer window re-opened and not had much time to conduct football betting at betfair.

Labeling Spurs a one man team would be unfair, but Bale’s contribution last season was sizable. His ability to save games, pull a goal out of nowhere and cause havoc with his direct running often made the difference last year. Whilst it wasn’t enough to secure Champions League football (a very close run thing), it was certainly enough to make the rest of the world sit up and take note.

We’ve heard a fair amount regarding Manchester United’s interest, but it’s always seemed a little bit too good to be true. Can the Red Devils really afford to smash their transfer record and bring Bale in?

According to The Mirror, United have launched a ‘massive’ £60m bid for Gareth Bale. Whilst that is indeed a massive fee, it’s worth noting immediately that it’s not going to be enough to tempt Tottenham to sell.

As things current stand, Gareth Bale is (arguably) the third best player in the world. He’s also only 24-years-old. He’s an absolutely sensational talent who is only going to get better. Given the current state of the transfer market and the fact that Spurs don’t have a pressing need to sell, £60m is unlikely to be enough.

As was the case with his Cesc Fabregas bid, David Moyes has gone in too low. Still, it’s getting to the stage where signing Bale is just about the only thing that will stop the flow of nonsense that’s constantly being spread about Wayne Rooney. It would provide a welcome change of channel.

If United are genuinely interested, it’ll be fascinating to see exactly how far they’re willing to go and whether they can offer enough to tempt Tottenham to sell. Signing Bale would more or less secure United success for the next half decade or so, but it comes with a cost.

What’s your take? Can Spurs afford to chase Gareth Bale?

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  • Jude says:

    Well sorry to break your hearts spurs funs but i heard it from bale himself saying that this is his moment and should united pay spurs the money they want he is more than happy to play for united and not madrid .

    • Boy Charioteer says:

      What? He spoke to you personally did he? Amazing. Or were you listening to Talk Sport and thought it was real life?

  • keith the yid says:

    I’m sure now Alex has left the fold, Man u will surely hit the buffers, they’ve been winning things with frankly not a very attractive side. Now ‘won nothing Moyes’ is in charge the bubble is gonna pop. What goes up must come down. Bale would be better off at Spurs anyway.

  • Smiler says:

    Man utd won’t get bale wont get Fabregas won’t get Modric didn’t get Thiago. Looks like all the top players would rather wait and see what happens at old Trafford this season. You had 1 world class manager and two world class players, your manager retired one of your world class players wants out and the other is hitting 30. You’ll probably end up buying 3 Everton players lol.

  • Xponent DAREredDEVIL says:

    My heart z white…i feel ur pain n insecurity on d Bale ish….u talkd abt Modric n Chelshit….yeah…same cld b d case 4 Bale cuz he wants to leave….n from what v seen Levy aint saying Bale aint 4 sale, he’s saying he wouldn’t lose another player(lyk Carrick2006 n Berbatov2008) to United. So we cld still c Bale move. Sorry

  • Series says:

    not a chance in hell will Bale join Man U, if Fergie was still manager possibly, now he is gone and Moyes (Personality of the year in the Dead Ant section) never……..

  • lieutenant says:

    lol load of manure confused nonsense deluded desires media whim fancy fiction..c’mon u spurs futuristic club stadium signed paulinho nacer chadli like jackson martinez christian benteke alvaro vadillo neilton mestzk alen halilovic & jese rodriguez yoof! Totteham Hotspur 1882 outlaws – casuals yid army!

  • kindalem says:

    One thing that surprised me is that the dispute b/n untd and spurs fans.for me, Gareth has to go to unitd if he wants to be the best and accolades ,Gareth has to dream of untd ,b/c of the size of untd with glorious history am an Ethiopian spurs is good club but I have never seen any spurs fan in ethio but untd is overwhelmed by many fans in ethio b/ c untd is one of the 2 or 3 most famous clubs in the world

    • oldun says:

      Please translate inmto English for those who don’t speak gibberish. Blimey what a put down. You don’t see may Spurs fans in Ethiopia? Wow.I bet they’re all gutted. Yesterday is history and nobody can guarantee the future. Clubs come and go over the decades. Derby,Leeds,Notts Forest etc. were all top clubs ONCE UPON A TIME. Nothing lasts for ever

  • kindalem says:

    For me Gareth doesn’t deserve for 60m ,see neymar for 50m and is imensely talented ,Gareth 30-40m okay

  • Rosspur says:

    Haha, Bale is a clever lad and isn’t going to leave for Man Utd before he see’s how Moyes fares in his first season. Personally I think the Man Utd team from last season was fairly garbage (sounds silly from the outcome but the real special player in the league for Chelski and Shitty didnt perform, but now theyre settled) and think the Fergie effect made special things happen. I will eat my words if they win it again but my brain looking at the team on paper says no way against the opposition, they just don’t have enough class.

    • Fred the Red says:

      Ever since Ronaldo left everyone has said our team looks awful on paper. But in the 4 seasons he has not been there we have won the epl twice and a league cup. also runner up the 2 years we didn’t win the epl one of which was on goal difference. Just throwing this out there but maybe we aren’t that shit. maybe it’s said by teams who aren’t that strong to convince themselves that they have been unlucky as opposed to just not being good enough. that’s not a shot at spurs if I had to pick a prem team to watch for entertainment other than united it would be spurs. Oh and we won’t sign bale even if he wanted to sign for us Levy just won’t let it happen. Lastly not fair to condemn Moyes before the season starts. You can’t tell me that AVB would have done much better with that Everton team over the last year or so.

  • Rosspur says:

    Just to a add to those who claim spurs are a selling club. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, if a player wants to move on what do you do, certainly you can hold on but a player that is discontent will not only not play as well but due to this his value will depreciate. Good business says sell, Spurs issue is they rather spend £20+ mill on Sig, Dempsey and Ade rather than fork it out for a special scoring talent. Personally I ain’t see the business in that but hey ho.

    • kindalem says:

      Hodle him self said Gareth to join man U or city if he leaves spurs, definitely I agree with glen hodles idea , especialy better to go to untd if he wants to develop more and win throphies , and wear the special jersey of MUFC

  • victor oj says:

    Bale is very gud prayer and hav all d quality to b d best in word but I don’t thick. Man u can afford him

    • kindalem says:

      For me it is wise to spend big money on Gareth ,fabregas and one defender and moyes win the league then pressure lessend , fans get calm and every thing the rt direction.

  • Jude says:

    You heard it from me guys bale deal to united almost complete behind closed doors sorry spurs funs its done. Very reliable source

  • iver biggen says:

    Jude…stop fking about with Fifa 14 game.

  • Series says:

    Well, all these manure fans make me laugh, when Fergie was manager he was your TAILISMAN, not the club, not rooney, or even Ronaldo. But the king is dead long live the king, unfortunately though that king is now Moyes. Who hasn’t even got 10% of the personality, respect and pulling power that fergie had.

    This close season who have Utd signed not a single top rated player of any substance has signed for them. What does that tell you……………

    The writing is on the wall guys, you have had it good over the last few years, but I am afraid a reality check is now overdue………..

    The days of ‘we want that player and the next day he was yours’ have now disappeared along with Fergie so you better start getting used to it……..

  • kindalem says:

    Spurs play nice foot ball, I like it the way they play,but Gareth is a type of player that suites to untd and am very happy seeing Gareth play for ma beloved man untd. Am truly red.

  • Safian says:

    Bale is a gud player so i hope we have him.

  • zubrah says:

    hii i am not interested with the decision

  • okechukwu elem says:

    The only problem is, wayne rooney’s situation, i hope he stays.

  • Yuki Noire says:

    Bale is not leaving England and is not going to Manchester United. He will stay at Spurs for at least this coming season, Manchester United need a central midfielder, and reinforcements at the back, not another winger, no matter how good he is. While I would love to see him at OT, he is not going there .

  • phlilemon says:

    it’s fine he can make it big

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