£20m or £25.5m: How much do Liverpool have to spend to make this deal happen?


Before this summer very few people could even spell Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s  name. Now that very name is on the minds of more or less every Liverpool fan. But will the Armenian ace eventually make his move to Anfield?

It strikes me that there’s so much speculation regarding Mkhitaryan because Liverpool’s midfield was so lackluster last season.

Yes, Steven Gerrard still has plenty of get-up and go, but the Liverpool legend isn’t getting any younger. The Reds may have to face up to the fact that their captain will begin to offer less and less over the coming years.

Then there’s Joe Allen, a youngster who promised much when he made he followed Brendan Rodgers from Swansea City to Liverpool, but has offered very little. Allen has faced his share of injury problems, but has largely disappointed when he’s had an opportunity to prove himself.

Indeed, Liverpool have very little attacking flair to offer in the centre-of-the-park. This must surely be why Henrikh Mkhitaryan provides such an appeal.

The attacking midfielder (who happens to be a three time Armenian Player of the Year – beating off staunch competition, I’m sure) is nothing if he’s not effective. Last season he knocked home 26 goals from in 39 games. Most strikers would kill for those kind of figures.

He’s a smart footballer, with a big engine, who knows how to position himself so that he can cause problems to opposition defenders. He certainly looks capable of making the step up from the Ukrainian League (he’s currently with Shakhtar Donetsk), to join a top Premier League club.

How much he’d cost the Reds is an interesting question. According to Shakhtar’s Chief Executive, Sergei Palkin he could leave for just £19.8m if he forces the move, or £25.5m if everybody plays by the rules:

“Mkhitaryan doesn’t have a release clause in his contract, but it does spell out the penalties for unilateral termination of the contract, which is equal to $30m (£19.8m),” the British-trained accountant explained.

If Mkhitaryan wants to terminate the contract, he must pay Shakhtar $30m and go to a club that he likes. If we go in a civilized manner and sell the player, and in doing so he does not break the contract, the value we place on him is 30million euros (£25.5m).” (Source: The Mirror)

Does this suggest that Liverpool could pay Mkhitaryan the £20m necessary to break his contract and make a £5.5m saving? Perhaps – it’s not entirely clear what the legalities are in this situation.

Either way, I’d like to see Brendan go for it. Borussia Dortmund are already thought to have made a bid, so the sooner Liverpool register their interest the better. Let’s hope the Reds can pull it off – even if it means playing a little dirty.

What’s your take? Should Liverpool look to sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan? How much will he cost?

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  • Dicko says:

    Lets calm down a bit, do people seriously think this guy is actually worth 20+Million
    yes he scores goals in a crap league but his record in the champions league isn’t great and his passing accuracy quite poor, not doubting he is a decent player really worth that I have my doubts.

  • Johnny says:

    He is a fine player, seen him play 3 times, but lets be realistic, if you were him, who would you choose, Dortmund, CL finalists, or LFC. End of story.

  • Nimz says:

    Mmmmmm… Don’t think alonso was known to many before Liverpool, mkhitaryan could be the next alonso….

  • Victory says:

    Plz either way

  • ArizonaBhoy says:

    Is everything that goes wrong with us the problem of FSG… Get over the fact that we have American owners … King Kenny spent money on damn players that didn’t do crap .. So lets spent a bunch of money on a guy that plays in a crap league and can score goals there good call ..

  • axis says:

    Forget HM there are better players with more skill & cost far less. The name I’m thinking are Kasueka Honda, Christian Erickson just to name a few. Also they much easier to deal w since these two guys I mentioned does not owned by more than a handful owners. And we should be focusing on getting Alderweilder- a defensive beast to replace JC

    • Peter from Perth WA says:

      A few is three, a couple is two. I hope that was just an error on your part but I do agree with you regarding Christian Erickson as for Honda he makes nice cars.

  • habieb from cape town says:

    Who is this guy? Never seen or heard of him. Honestly the goals he scored in that league means nothing to the best league in the world and I think that liverpool do realise that, that is why they haven’t made a bit yet. I have seen Eriksen and for me he is younger, cheaper and I think would be a great player for liverpool for a long time. Don’t waist our money on unknown.

  • yusuf says:

    let’s spend what we have to get what we need. No flop in all players signed by BR for that reason let Liverpool sign MRKITARYAN

  • dublin says:

    Don’t wast money go ????? get ericson?

  • peterson says:

    please go for Chistian Eriksen

  • M Arch says:

    We need good 6 n 2 good central back ericson n honda till january

  • Zacks says:

    a player that can not make decision on his own, only to rely his current manager’s, does’nt sound wel, even his name dd’nt match liverpool. ERICKSON is the answer.

  • Bashir says:

    I think it will work out well because for me I see that we need that player in our team. And the captain is on his way to retirement. So we need early replacement.

  • John says:

    Liverpool are doomed. FSG are stripping the club down to a squad of children.

  • sean victor says:

    We need Henrikh Rodgers should try pls.

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