Surely Liverpool are bigger than Luis Suarez?

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Luis-Suarez-LiverpoolThe enigma that is Luis Suarez has certainly presented a difficult challenge for Liverpool since his transfer from Ajax just over two and a half years ago. Brought in as Fernando Torres’ replacement, he came with a reputation as a genius with flair and finesse in the final third, that was a throwback to the days of “King” Kenny Dalglish. He has certainly delivered, becoming the club’s top goal-scorer over the past two seasons.

Like many genius’ he also came with a reputation for being a fierce competitor and is certainly a controversial character. The biting of a fellow professional’s neck in the Dutch league and (going back to when he was just eleven years old) when he head-butt an official in Uruguay are among some of the charges he has gained on his rap sheet. More controversy has followed through the racial charge leveled at him by Patrice Evra, in which the FA decided to ban him for up to eight games and fine him a significant sum. Most recently, he chomped his canines into Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic, leading to a ten game ban.

His interviews are nothing short of dramatic, often speaking openly of his desire to dive and win penalties for the team. Now the ultimate kick in the teeth for Liverpool fans has come in the last fortnight, with him openly admitting his desire to leave the English game because of how “the media judge me as a person and not my football ability”. He even cited how he has to protect his wife and daughter from the public scrutiny they apparently receive.

Despite these comments, he has on more than one occasion stated he is happy at the club and will remain at Anfield for the foreseeable future. Just a day after his initial outburst, his agent told reporters Suarez was indeed staying. Many Liverpool fans felt there was hope that he could be swayed, but he reiterated his desire to leave, much to the disappointment and frustration of Liverpool fans.

Suarez has attracted the attention of Real Madrid, speaking of how “wonderful it would be to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo” and what a great team they are. Yet he is weary that no concrete offer has been made and often toes the line stating “Liverpool is a team I dreamed of playing for as a kid, the stadium is spectacular and the fans are great,” though he seems to haved replaced ‘Liverpool’ with ‘Real Madrid’ or ‘Barcelona’ recently.

Liverpool have been firm in their stance regarding Luis. Rightfully so, considering he signed a new and improved contract at the end of last summer, which has four years remaining on it. Suarez is yet to hand in a transfer request, so there may be a glimmer of hope for Liverpool fans yet, albeit remote. If Suarez does leave, a gaping hole will be left up front, but similar fears were raiset when Fernando Torres when he departed in acrimonious circumstances.

Sturridge since he’s arrived has been a breath of fresh air and taken many by surprise. By combining his finishing quality with intelligent movement and electrifying pace, he has adequately filled the role of a lone striker. With more game time and support, he can go from strength to strength with the addition of new signings to help bolster options in the final third.

Imagining life without Luis Suarez would be terrible to many Liverpool fans. But we need only look at the positives. His sale will command an invaluable fee ranging between £40-50m. A transfer kitty of £20m already exists and will be further boosted by the departures of Andy Carroll and the deadwood at the club. Releasing Suarez will enable Rodgers to bring in more quality in several positions, reinforcing the depth of the squad and enabling it to challenge for Champions League positions next year.

Through amalgamating the team Rodgers can focus on an elite core of players and improve those knowing Suarez won’t be around to embroil the club in more disastrous public relation campaigns. In other words, Suarez departing is not the be-all-and-end-all for Liverpool.

Michael Owen left, as did Fernando Torres and the club survived. Liverpool will continue their quest back towards the Champions League. If it’s with Luis Suarez then great, if not, then the club will continue to make strides via more shrewd signings like that of Coutinho and Sturridge. The club is bigger than any player, especially whining little cry-babies like Luis. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • roby roy says:

    luis should learn from F.torrey- who is diappearing first Luis will suffer like nando.

    • Haider Ali says:

      I feel he owes Liverpool at least a year considering how the club stuck by him. At Madrid he won’t be the star man and he ll probably play on the right or left of a front three with benzema up top. I don’t think he will suffer like Nando but won’t be as loved as he was here.

  • maxwell says:

    Suarez wuld neva b 4gotten it isn’t a crime to seek 4 greener pastures I will forever love him. Indeed a passionate player a goal thirsty striker his goals made us end in our position dis czin(note; he scored goals 4rm seeming impossible angles due to his exceptional talent I don’t need to give examples). We liverpool fans don’t need to get angry @ his desire, yes liverpool is bigger than luis suarez but look at it this where were we before suarez came(that’s during our crisis period) and see liverpool now with liverpool in our squad. Am not saying he’s the sole contributor to our recent resurgence but if truth be told he’s the engine.

    • Haider Ali says:

      Some comments I disagree with. The engine of the team is Steven Gerrard. My love for him has dwindled since he come out with so many contradictions and excuses to make his transfer become a reality. And Liverpool haven’t improved since he’s been here in the league they have been 6th or 7th the last three years when he came. I hope he don’t go he owes the club a year at least.

  • Artigas says:

    luis loves lp and he will always be a fan of this great club but when idiots make stupid remarks around his family i think its time to go..the media in england is no diff then in italy or Uruguay, its just paper selling.

    • Haider Ali says:

      He did an interview with espn earlier last year saying he doesn’t read the press or care what people think. Now all of a sudden he does? He did interviews last year admitting to diving, that isn’t goong to win you fans is it? And he promised h went going to leave but a whiff from Madrid and that was enough for him to go public. After the club stood by him through thick and thin I thought he could give Liverpool another year. Or just be hinder and say I wanna join Madrid because I don’t desire to play for Liverpool anymore

  • MARK says:

    whos to say its his way of making the owners buy some good players , this is the first time in many years that liverpool have started getting players in so quick we usually take forever , might be a coincedance , who knows if he goes he goes cant have a player that doesnt love the club , i suppose well all find out soon enough , and we will move on if he does leave just like we did with torress , who knows lets get torress back lol

  • mitch says:

    suarez is becoming a cancer to liverpool and the sooner he moves on the better.the club has a proud tradition and no player can take that away not even suarez .We survived when king kenny left and suarez is not fit to lace his boots.

    • Haider Ali says:

      I agree. For all his brilliance he has damaged the clubs reputation and put kenny dalglish through. Get 40m plus and get a quality striker in.

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