Why Liverpool are right to battle Tottenham for this £6.5m talent:

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Tom InceIn recent years, Liverpool have earned a reputation for pursuing the ‘Best of British’ in the transfer window. If there’s a talented young British star available, it’s likely that Brendan Rodgers and his staff will be somewhere in the background, sniffing around.

The merits of this approach are questionable. Liverpool’s lack of success in recent years seems to suggest that a adopting a new philosophy may be necessary.

But just because something hasn’t been successful in the past, does not mean it cannot provide success in the future. This is especially true in the world of football, where anomalies abound.

I think a number of Premier League clubs are coming around to the importance of having a British core. Take Gary Neville’s recent comments about identity:

“They want identity, they want soul. I’m seeing it with QPR, I’m seeing it with Newcastle. The soul and the identity and the heart is being ripped out of this club.” (Source: Sky Sports)

The answer, it may seem, is a return to homegrown talent. This, strangely enough, is the approach that Liverpool are already taking.

This brings me to an article from The Mirror, titled, ‘Get In there’, that claims Spurs are looking to beat Liverpool to signing England U-21 winger, Thomas Ince. A price of £6.5m is mooted and it’s suggested that Tottenham have more motivation to sign the wing-wizard.

With Gareth Bale being deployed mostly down the middle and Aaron Lennon enjoying his fair share of injury misery, Spurs do have a need for another addition in this area. Buying a world-class striker may set Tottenham back this summer, so signing an affordable, but talented winger like Ince may be just the ticket. Get In there indeed.

But I’d argue Liverpool also have a pressing need. With the likes of Stewart Downing providing only inconsistency, bringing in somebody new could provide competition and raise performance levels.

Ince probably wouldn’t demand regular first team Premier League football and would be willing to bide his time at Anfield. And if things work out, the Reds could end up with a real star on their hands.

That’s if they stick to their philosophy and battle Spurs for his signature. For just £6.5m, he’s certainly an affordable option.

What’s your take? Is Thomas Ince better suited to Liverpool or Tottenham? Who should make the move? 

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  • SP says:

    Liverpool are pursuing British youth because they have to – they cannot compete financially with the Manchesters or Chelsea, and Arsenal, among others, have greater capacity stadiums.

  • phil says:

    Actually, he would only cost us about 4.3 mil because we get 33-35% of the transfer fee. That makes he an even bigger bargain!

  • Igwe ejike says:

    Lets get him plz….coz he is areal tarlent

  • Catcher says:

    Spurs are not Interested in INCE we already have far better players within the club. he is all yours scousers.

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