Where next for Jose Mourinho?

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Jose+Mourinho+Levante+UD+v+Real+Madrid+CF+oDEeMOud_FelLove him or hate him, you just can’t ignore him. Each day in Spain begins with rumours surrounding the “Special One”. Reports in England and Spain come up with different sets of news suggesting his next action and how football is played beyond the pitch. 

It is almost certain that Jose Mourinho will end his Real Madrid stay at the end of the season. He has had a alleged meeting at the end of March with Florentino Perez, regarding a severance package. There have been rumours in the paper that Jose Mourinho will stay at the club only if Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos are sold, but he just wants to leave his options, which also include Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, open. (Source: ESPN).

Mourinho’s bad relationship with Casillas is down to him not thinking the goalkeeper raised his level when needed and was stuck in a rut, the infamous training ground conversation that took place after the clasico, and now he is using Casillas in a psychological game to show that no player is untouchable.

He has dropped Casillas and Ramos at will, only to show his prowess as the club’s manager and to show that he is the one in charge, not them. So staying at Real Madrid seems impossible right now. Winning a Champions League will not change much, as Jose will decide to leave on a high, and not winning it will making the chop easier for Perez. So where will Jose go next?

First club that comes to mind is Chelsea. With recent reports suggesting he has had a sitdown with the mighty Roman Abramovich and has agreed a return to the club only if his demands are met. A salary of 12m pounds, a new contract for Frank Lampard and Champions League qualification.

A source who is close to Mourinho told The Sun: “Jose wants to go back to Chelsea. It’s where he wants to be. Every time Chelsea fans sing his name it makes him want to go back even more. He’ll sign for the same money he’s on at Real, even though he’s sure he could earn more elsewhere — like City or PSG. Jose could even remain at Madrid but he is clear about where he’d like to go — it’s now down to if Roman Abramovich wants the same.”

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