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Weird StadiumStadiums are one of the most important elements of football. A place for the masses to congregate in order to watch the beautiful game.

Without them football wouldn’t be the same. Designers have taken advantage of this to exhibit their designs in wild and wacky ways.

Without further ado, here are the 10 weirdest stadiums in the world…

Marina Bay1. Marina Bay, Singapore:

Also known as The Float, this stadium is split into two parts. The 50,000 capacity stand on the bank of the Marina and the pitch itself on a floating pontoon in the Marina Bay water.

This amazing stadium, finished in 2007, is used for the occasional Singapore national team game and holds finals of the Singapore domestic competitions.

Braga2. Estadio Municipal de Braga, Portugal:

The $83 million stadium was built in 2003 for Portugese team Sporting Clube de Braga. But it’s not just your ordinary stadium. The ‘A Pedreira’ is carved into the rock face of the Monte Castro quarry. The stadium, built for Euro 2004, only has two stands. The two areas behind the goal are taken by sheer cliff faces. This feature greatly enhances the atmosphere inside the stadium, especially on European nights.

Igarliste3. Igraliste Batarija, Croatia:

Probably the most historic stadium in the world, the Batarija is sandwiched between the 15th century Kamerlengo Castle and the Tower of St. Marco.

It’s in a stunning location and it is currently the home of NK Trogir 1912 and HNK Trogir who play to a capacity of 1000. You’d excuse fans for getting distracted from the game and taking in the scenery.

Allianz4. Allianz Arena, Germany:

This is probably the most outstanding stadiums in Europe. Built in 2005 as a new home for Bayern Munich, TSV 1860 München and the German national team, this 71,137 capacity stadium is definitely unique. The stadium is covered with 2,874 air panels that light up according to who is playing at the time (Red for Bayern, Blue for 1860 and white for Germany). Another cool feature are the sun-shade blinds that surround the roof, that can be deployed if there is an awkward light shining on the pitch. This certainly is a futuristic stadium.

sapporo5. Sapporo Dome, Japan:

Home to J-League team Consadole Sapporo, this 41,484 capacity stadium sure is obvious. The giant stadium looks like a flying saucer. It has the ability to move its grass football pitch outdoors, to make room for the baseball pitch inside the stadium.

The Dome held 3 games during the 2002 World Cup.

Al-Ain-Stadium6. The Rock Stadium, Abu Dhabi:

When asked to build a new stadium in the deserts of Abu Dhabi, the architects involved decided to take it a step further.

The stadium is actually carved into the side of the Jebel Hafeet mountain range, with the pitch below ground level. Amazingly the stadium holds 40,000 people.

eidi7. The Eidi Stadium, Faroe Islands:

This stadium in the Faroe Islands is surrounded by the North Sea. A nightmare for struggling forwards and just don’t give Sergio Ramos a penalty here, goodness knows where it will end up. Lost balls are a real problem here due to the lack of substantial stands. Instead they have a guy in a boat, who is hired on match days to retrieve wayward footballs from the sea.

hernano jiled8. Estadio Hernando Siles, Bolivia:

One of the most controversial stadiums in world football, as it is one of the highest. The home of three Bolivian league teams and the Bolivian national team, this stadium stands at 3,637 meters above sea level. So high in fact that FIFA, for a short while, banned Bolivia from playing World Cup Qualifying games following complaints from opponents who said that the height and lack of oxygen at the stadium was giving the Bolivians an unfair advantage. FIFA have since allowed the national team to play there.

de aveiro9. Estádio Municipal de Aveiro, Portugal:

Easily the most colourful stadium in the world, the Municipal de Aveiro combines an ambitious design with daring colours. The stadium resembles a large children’s toy. Designed for Euro 2004 even the seats are given a wacky paint job, with a mixture if red, green, yellow, blue and white seats distributed randomly. It is the 5th biggest stadium in Portugal, home to Beira-Mar and occasionally the national side.

sports city10. Sports City Stadium, Doha:

Although not built yet, the plans for this 2022 World Cup stadium look impressive. I’m not even sure how to describe this thing apart from being big and angular. A 44,000 capacity is expected.

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