Has Messi Finally Met His Match? [Video]


20130408-140611.jpgLionel Messi is widely considered one of if not the best footballer ever. But the little Argentinian could finally have met his match.

Who could this mystery keeper be? Petr Cech? No.

Weirdly his match came in the form of a robotic goalkeeper from a Japanese game show. Videos have been published of the Balon D’Or winner being thwarted 2/3 times by the robot in a penalty shoot-out.

The keeper stood as tall as the goal and was painted with a rather imposing face. The camera embedded in his forehead enabled the robot to ‘see’ the ball and react, with lightning reflexes, and save the ball.

Messi’s first effort was a powerful drive into the right hand corner, stopped by a quick dive by the goalkeeper, much to the bemusement of the Barcelona star. Not wanting to be out done a second time, Messi aimed for the top left corner. Another save by the Japanese robot and things were looking bleak.

His final effort was aimed towards the same left hand corner. The keeper got a hand to it, but the powerfully struck effort span into the back of the net. The celebration reflected Lionel Messi’s relief.

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