A £12.7m top-class goalkeeper for Arsenal to consider:

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Pepe ReinaA lot has been made of Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny’s fall from grace this season.

Questions of mentality have been raised, dad’s have been angered and apologies have been issued. Truth is, the lad just needed a rest.

He’s one of Arsenal’s biggest characters, but at just 22-years-old, maybe it was a case of too much too soon.

If Arsene Wenger has seen fit to put him out on the sidelines, it’s likely in service of his long-term career. Any more error-strewn performances could have left a lasting impression on his future.

He’s a player who has been driven by his confidence from a young age. But should doubt begin to creep in (as it may have already this season), it would invariably effect his game. He may lose control of his penalty area, stop coming for balls, or fail to commit with the ball about to leave the feet of an attacker.

Despite his flaws, faults and a troublesome season, I still view him as Arsenal’s long-term number one. He’s the kind of talent and personality who could go on to become an Arsenal legend.

But it would help if he had somebody to show him the ropes. Some one with experience, ability and the knowledge of how to react when you’re under pressure and under fire from your own fans.

Arsenal also need a goalkeeper to come in an fill the void. There’s no use hanging around waiting for Lukas Fabianski to slip-up. He’s never been a reliable goal-keeper and there’s no use supposing he enjoyed a sudden change during his months out of the game.

This brings me to Tutto Mercato‘s claim that Arsenal are ready and willing to bid £12.7m for Liverpool’s top goalkeeping talent, Pepe Reina.

The 30-year-old certainly has the experience to guide Szczesny and the ability to make an impact at the club. His talent levels are such that he probably wouldn’t be happy playing second fiddle to Szczesny, were he to make a move to Arsenal.

He’s something of a Liverpool legend, having made over 250 appearances for the club, but his form has waxed and waned in recent seasons. Liverpool may finally be ready to let go of their Spanish hero and Arsenal could be ready to get their hands on a real bargain.

It’s a deal that just seems to make sense for all parties.

What’s your take? Should Arsenal be in the market for Pepe Reina?

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  • Gunz101 says:

    Hope not,better keepers out there for approx same price

  • Matt says:

    This would be a great move for Szczesny as not only would he be allowed a rest, he’d also have the chance to learn from his favourite goalkeeper

  • ferro says:

    Reina is a top class keeper, you dont lose your best attributes at the age of thirty unless your a player who relies on pace. My guess is either that he needs a fresh challenge with him feeling like going nowhere at liv as even eve have overtaken them two seasons going. Or that he is not at all confident of the defenders in front of him and may be less than impressed with allot of his fist teamers and squad players.

    He of all people will believe that if at a club with genuine capabilities on winning the pl, or even giving him great confidence of returning to the big stage ie cl football, well he will believe, that is exactly were he should be. Righly so as there arent many a keeper when on form, thats a better shot stopper.

    Im also sure that he wants the no1 spot solidated within a world winning Spain team. Given the way that the Arsenal play ball, and Spaniards looking toward us for additions due to how we play, im gussing that the Spanish coach would pay more attention to the young keeper.

    I guess you can tell wether or not id like him in an Arsenal shirt, damn right i would. A fresh challenge for a keeper with his experience, would mean a great coup for ourselves and a valuable addition to our backbone.

  • Sir Henry says:

    If he’s surely on the wane as you’ve pointed out then common sense says we don’t need him at Arsenal?

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