Yet another Arsenal man who left the club and lost his way:


NasriIt used to be a point of pride for Arsenal fans, that those players who left their side, soon discovered that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.

This wasn’t always misguided, self-deception. In some cases, like those of Alex Hleb and Mathieu Flamini, players have left Arsene Wenger’s side only to discover that things could be quite tough at other clubs.

Hleb looked completely out of place at Barcelona and was soon shipped off to Birmingham. Mathieu Flamini, on the other hand, forced a move away from Arsenal only to become a squad player at AC Milan.

What Arsenal fans need to recognise, however, is that there are exceptions to every rule. Cesc Fabregas joined his boyhood club Barcelona from the Gunners and has gone on to win La Liga, whilst being a major part in world football’s best side.

And what of Robin Van Persie, Arsenal’s main man last year, now the driving force of a Manchester United title charge?

It seems that leaving Arsenal is something of a mixed bag.

So what are we to make of Samir Nasri, the ex-Arsenal winger who joined Manchester City back in summer 2011 with a £25m price-tag? He’s also costing City a significant sum in wages.

Yes, City’s wallet is bursting at the seams, but as a club, they’ll still be frustrated to have spent so much on a player who has offered so little in return. And that’s just the thing, however you try and cut it, Samir Nasri hasn’t had a good time at the Etihad.

Yes, he’s picked up a Premier League title, but I don’t think you could argue that he was a vital cog in the side last year. From his showdown with Emmanuel Frimpong last season, to this year’s disappearing act, Samir’s reputation has been steadily disintegrating since he left the Emirates.

His poor form has led Mancini to say: “I think Samir has fantastic qualities. With his quality, he should always play well. Every game he could be the difference. A player of this quality could be one of the best players in Europe. But it’s not happening.”

He goes on to suggest that Nasri may have been coasting this season. And that’s exactly the issue. The reason why the Frenchman is joining that list of players who left Arsenal and flopped, is because he’s not willing to put in the effort necessary to succeed. All the talent in the world means nothing if you’re not going to give yourself an opportunity to display it.

It’s got so bad that are reporting that City are willing to take a £7m hit when it comes to Nasri’s sale.

Yes, Samir, you have a medal that you wouldn’t have got had you stayed at Arsenal, but it came at the cost of your long-term future. You’re yet another ex-Arsenal flop.

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