Why Tottenham are right to chase this Chelsea prodigy:


Romelu LukakuI wouldn’t blame Spurs fans if anxiety had begun to creep into their footballing world.

When they beat Arsenal a couple of weeks ago, they firmly cemented themselves as favourites to finish above their rivals and earn a top four finish.

Just a few days later and doubt is beginning to creep in. Three defeats on the trot have exposed weaknesses in this Spurs squad.

It started with an unlucky defeat to Liverpool. It continued with a ‘distracted’ defeat to Inter Milan. And most recently we watched Tottenham slide to a needless 1-0 defeat at the hands of Fulham.

Have the late season jitters begun to set in? Are Tottenham hexxed?

Or are they just paying the price for a narrow-minded transfer recruitment policy?

Andre Villas-Boas is like a breath of fresh air for this club. He’s a classy character, with the managerial nous and tactical sensibility to guide this team onto bigger and better things. Yet I still hold he made a mistake not recruiting any more out-and-out strikers last summer (or this January, when he had another bite of the cherry).

Jermaine Defoe has been in and out this season with injury problems and his form has been unable to settle as a result. Emmanuel Adebayor has been hapless at best. Whatever the issue may be, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned.

And there just aren’t enough options for AVB to consider beyond this pair. We can only hope now that Tottenham can hold on and get the top four finish they need to really kick on.

But regardless of whether this happens, they need to start looking towards their future. Here’s to hoping that AVB is already lining up potential summer transfer targets.

This brings me to CaughtOffside‘s claims that Spurs are chasing Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku. Now I imagine that some fans will turn their nose up at this story.

They may feel that he’s too young, too inexperienced. But I can’t be so critical. He’s one of the best young strikers in the Premier League, a natural goal-scorer and a powerful presence. He has the potential to go on and become a world-beater.

13 goals this season for a mid-table club (he’s currently on loan with West Brom) speak to his ability. And he’s only going to get better with age.

For these reasons, I hope Tottenham are keeping watch. He’d make an excellent addition, particularly if it’s alongside a more experienced new recruit.

What’s your take? Should Tottenham look to sign Romelu Lukaku this summer?

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  • Mike T says:

    Barking up the wrong tree here.

    He will be back at Chelsea either next season or the one after this lad is just one of many very very promising players Chelsea have brought already and will be part of the new younger squad. Players on loan like De Bryne and Courtois are already full internationals and will likewise be part of the set up in a sason or two.
    Irrespective Lukaka Spurs would have to offer far more than they have ever spent on one player just to get Chelsea to think for a second but even if Spurs had an offer of say £25 million accepted the player has history with AVB and has said he will never forgive him for the way he treated him at Chelsea

  • samuel says:

    continiou keeping watch and lasdtly u wont get him.

  • ross patterson says:

    top class get him straight away just what we need get rid of the two we have

    • shevyiddo says:

      I think the kid is great and we do have a couple of Belgian internationals at Spurs to help him settle but in all fairness I think Daddyblue has already pointed out the fault in this cunning plan!

  • Lord Bokka says:

    Get him and higuain become a real team !

  • Justin Martin says:

    Narrow mind transfer policy indeed. I doubt very much that AVB made the decision not to bring in a quality striker. Rather, it’s more likely that DL was unwilling to spend the money. He is averse to spending reasonably large sums of money on players, irrespective of the resulting overall cost this attitude has on the club.

  • Michael58 says:

    You will NEVER get him ,after that whole Modric saga and the things Levy said about Abramovich we would not even sell you our tea lady . Besides Lukaku hates AVB so forget it .

  • Daddyblue says:

    Does anyone truly believe that RA would sell to Spurs or Levy after the Modric saga

    • shevyiddo says:

      LOL! Good point! and no one could blame him and if ya ain’t cottoned on by me name I am a Spurs fan 😀

    • rob says:

      To be honest RA strikes me as someone who doesn’t really give much of a monkey’s. The difference is that Spurs absolutely did not want to sell the player, and in the end kept him for another season. If Chelsea decided they wanted to offload Lukaku, they would look to make a reasonable profit I think but wouldn’t want to price him out of the market.

  • joeyk says:

    Maybe buy some players who dont choke every season haha enjoy finishing below the Gooners AGAIN!!!!!

  • rob says:

    AVB made a mistake not bringing in a striker in January? That is one of the most ignorant statements I can imagine. Do you think AVB or Daniel Levy was the one to make that decision? Think about it.

  • rob says:

    As for Lukaku he is in my opinion exactly the kind of player we need, along with a world class striker like Higuain. As for whether we can get either? Who knows. Higuain will definitely require Champions League, and Lukaku? Chelsea are a very strange club. They could want to hang on to the player, be (understandably) vindictive and charge us a fortune for him, or just sell him at a reasonable profit and move on; as they will probably buy Falcao or Cavani or someone in the summer anyway. They are very hard to predict, Chelsea.

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