Why PSG will never make the grade in Europe:


Carlo-Ancelotti-PSG_20111231082336705_400_300Paris Saint-Germain have splashed hundreds of millions on new signings since the take over of a Qatar based fund, with the purpose of turning the club into a real force in the footballing world.

Success is expected in the French domestic Ligue 1 and French Cup. However, the ultimate goal would undoubtedly be success in Europe’s premier competition; the Champions League. But is this ambition realistic?

Currently sitting five points clear at the top of the league, PSG are by no means guaranteed to take a hold of the Ligue 1 title, widely considered the weakest league out of the big five European nations: England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France.

When comparing the lack of dominance to the other Champions League quarter-finalists you see a startling difference.

Bayern Munich have taken control of the Bundesliga sitting 20 points clear of rivals Borussia Dortmund. Juventus are a nine points clear in Italy and Barcelona are thirteen points clear of Real Madrid in Spain.

These three teams are running away from the rest in arguably much stronger leagues. PSG are miles behind their European counterparts.

Being five points clear is nothing to turn your nose up at and you can only beat you is put in front of you. But, when you consider many French clubs have a fraction of the financial power that PSG have, you would expect the league to be wrapped up before Easter.

If they cannot take hold of their weak league, despite heavy investment it begs the question of whether it is worth investing more millions into a club who lose to Ligue 1 sides like Reims and Marseille?

If PSG do not win the title next year, their owners will have to ask themselves how much they are willing to pay to see success, especially when there are clubs in other leagues that could provide an easier route to success.

Champions League success is so far down the proverbial pipeline that the patience of the owners is going to run out before the club can get to a competitive level, which is why they will never win the big-eared trophy.

PSG will never be world class.

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  • Bolo says:

    It takes a footballing culture to be incorporated along with the funds injection. That takes time. Example look at Manchester United and City. The former already had a tradition for success molded in the club. The latter,even after the massive sudden new found wealth,requires time to build and upon that success. It is the same with Chelsea and Arsenal. If both was spending equal amount over the last few years, there will be no doubt that Arsenal would have been a greater force. Therefore PSG will be a top force in France and soon Europe if given time to built progressively upon their success.

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