Why Arsenal need to scrap the B-List and go for these TOP transfers:


Arsene_Wenger2Before Arsenal’s weekend clash with Spurs, The Mirror launched a rather strange article, that suggested the club were drawing up a ‘Transfer B-List’.

The idea here is that Arsene Wenger may have less cash available to him should the club fail to finish in the top four and that players will also be less willing to join a club without Champions League football.

As such, a Champions League finish would allow the club to target A-List players such as: Stevan Jovetic, David Villa, Mario Gotze, Luiz Gustavo and Victor Valdes.

On the other hand, failure to finish in the top four, would mean pursuing players like: Etienne Capoue, Yohan Cabaye, James McCarthy, Victor Wanyama and Simon Mignolet.

Now I do have some issues with these lists. For instance, is David Villa still a footballing A-Lister? Is Yohan Cabaye really a B-Lister? Is Victor Valdes really more worthy than Simon Mignolet, simply because one’s played for a bigger and better club? Aren’t they both top goalkeepers who can improve this Arsenal side?

The answer, of course, is ‘yes’. Any of the aforementioned players, A-List or B-List, would improve the club and help give Arsene Wenger’s side some proper strength in depth.

Yes, finishing outside the top four will require a change in tact from Arsene Wenger when it comes to recruitment, but it may not be the end of the world. In today’s footballing climate, money talks and it’s been reported that the Gunners have cash reserves of £123.3m.

For all the doom and gloom surrounding the club, that’s not a bad position to be in.

Besides, Champions League football or not, are we really to believe that Stevan Jovetic wouldn’t consider moving from Fiorentina to Arsenal, ‘trading up’? Or that David Villa isn’t chomping at the bit for regular football and wouldn’t consider a move?

My point here, is that there are top players out there, who would fancy a move to a top club like Arsenal. Yes, the Gunners are unlikely to attract the likes of Radamel Falcao or Edinson Cavani, but they’ve never really been in the market for those types of players.

The idea of a transfer B-List seems like baloney to me. Regardless of where Arsenal finish, the club has to chase the best players this summer. And if they negotiate properly, they’ll be able to get the talent they need.

What’s your take? Will Arsenal be able to compete for top quality players this summer?

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  • Ed says:

    The best transfer the club could ever make is Wenger out now.
    Back up that with the fans getting together and demonstrating to get Kroenke out and we could get our great club back…

  • wankerwengermustgo says:

    Huh! Compete for top players?! You fail to see that to do so, you need to RECOGNIZE a top player! When the manager goes out and pays 18 mil for a donkey like Giroud to replace a thoroughbred like Van Persie – it begs the question – does this washed out, weather beaten, has been, really know what he is doing? The answer is “NO”. So we can all look forward to a mismatch of “c” list players being recruited at cut rate prices with Arsene imagining that HE, THE ALMIGHTY, can turn them all into Henrys ….. sigh! Arsenal will go nowhere until this moron is replaced.

  • mohamedaziz says:

    before we move to claas b players can we please remove calss cs that meaning,the crooenk,gazidiz,shitwood,and their b loved french fries

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