The £30m wonderkid Arsenal SHOULD be looking at:


IscoHave Arsenal fans finally lost patience with the likes of Abou Diaby, Aaron Ramsey and Tomas Rosicky?

I can’t think of any other top European club who has stuck by their players more than Arsenal. It’s been clear that things haven’t been right with this trio for a number of years now, yet nothing has been done.

This is surely due to the persistence of Arsene Wenger, who doesn’t like being proved wrong. All three are purchases he made and he would feel responsible, should they be labelled flops.

But at some stage, you have to admit that things aren’t working and then cut ties.

Abou Diaby’s injury problems have reached a depressing extreme, Aaron Ramsey’s post-injury career has been less than sparkling and Tomas Rosicky has his own issues.

Whatever way you try and cut it, you just can’t rely on them. And that, for me, should act as a key motivator for Arsene in the summer transfer window.

Yes, the club is in desperate need of signing another striker this summer, but let’s hope that this doesn’t come at the expense of another top midfielder.

This brings me to the Daily Star‘s claim that Arsenal’s top summer transfer target is Malaga midfield ace Isco. There’s little doubting that this would be an exciting addition for Arsenal.

I’d go so far as to claim that it would fill a slot in Arsenal’s midfield that has needed attention ever since Cesc Fabregas left.

I’m a massive admirer of Jack Wilshere, but he tends to get the ball to feet and run at players, before releasing the ball at the last moment. Isco, on the other hand, can recieve the ball any where on the pitch, use his technical abilty to buy himself space and time and then spray the ball about with ease and precision.

He’s also a player who can score some impressive goals (as Porto will attest). He’s amongst the best young players in Europe and exactly who Arsenal should be chasing at this moment in their evolution.

That he’d push Rosicky, Ramsey and Diaby further down the rankings (and potentially out of the club), can only be a good thing.

He’s a remarkable young talent and at just 20-years-old, could go on to be as good as Cesc. With that in mind, his £30m valuation isn’t all that surprising. Indeed, with that price-tag, I’d say that he would be a smart investment for Arsenal.

It’s an unlikely one, but given Malaga’s financial situation and that Arsene has negotiated with them before (for Santi Cazorla and Nacho Monreal), there’s a glimmer of hope.

What’s your take? Would you like to see Isco plying his trade at the Emirates?

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  • seyi says:

    u ar a fool. y mentioning tomas rosicky of al pple

    • Marcus says:

      I know i love rosicky, some blogers dont have a clue about there club. The amount of times hes come off the bench and thrned the game around! Hes a great player and thats why he is still an arsenal player

  • rex says:

    yeah isco one of world best midfielder. If arsenal can he is a good addition.

  • van prince says:

    I will love to see isco in arsenal jersey and playing a good ball for arsenal at all time like his formal team mates santi carzorla and monreal

  • Olusegun joshua says:

    Isco will be perfect 4 gooners and he will be replacement 4 fabregas if wenger can try 2 sign him.

  • Evan says:

    Lost patience with Ramsey and Rosicky? Not at all.

  • Carmelo Pace says:


  • nick says:

    Mr wenger…. Plzzzz jovetic and isco!!!!

  • quincy says:

    i wouldn’t mind having isco but wenger would not pay the said amount. stream live matches here

  • Ahmed Sheikh Tarawally says:

    He will be great addition to our squad

  • Les Naidoo says:

    Tomas is still a good player. Give him more playing time.Get rid of Diaby and Ramsey

  • Malaysian gunner says:

    Wenger wuld like to hang on his three buys for as long as he can. To be frank this three have been given chance after chance but have failed to deliver. If Ramsey had gone to OT,I can gauarantee he will have been shipped off.That’s the diff between one red faced and one fm.
    furthermore as you so rightly put it th fm hated to be proved wrong.If Arsenal can’t
    get 4th,he shd be off.No ifs and buts.
    A manager who cares only about his ego has no place to manage Arsenal.

  • ojay says:

    U ar right.. I pray wenger can afford such amt on a player an he needs to learn 4rm other coaches who want 2 win trophy

  • Alex says:

    Diaby – yes, should have been sold long ago, the most overrated Arsenal player. Ramsey is still young and probably could still be a useful squad player, althoug we all see his limits. Rosicky on the ohter hand is class and a completely diffferent story. Wenger knows he will never find another midfielder of his class and experience who would sit on the bench and never moan. Rosicky carried Arsenal to the 3rd place last spring, he was our best midfielder by a country mile. He should be played more often.

  • TheOnePutsie91 says:

    Why would you mention Rosicky?? He is one of the world’s best midfielders, and Wenger keeps underplaying him. Better to have played him and then getting him injured, than not using him at all, Wenger!

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