The £22m striker Tottenham need to take their squad to the next level:


Gonzalo HiguainTottenham’s defeat to Liverpool was a setback (an unnecessary one too) no doubt about that, but you get the feeling that nothing can stop the Spurs train now.

Spurs fans are used to disappointment. They’ve seen their side capitulate too many times when they’ve been in a position of power. Last year was a perfect example. Harry Redknapp had guided his side to a 13 point lead over rivals Arsenal and looked assured of earning a top four finish.

Unfortunately, with the likelihood of the England job landing in his lap, Harry Redknapp took his eyes of the ball and Tottenham missed out.

Andre Villas-Boas, however, is an entirely different character. He’s such an assured, astute personality and he seems to have transferred this qualities over to his club. With this in mind, it seems unlikely that Tottenham will slip now.

There are big games still to come against Chelsea and Manchester City, but should Spurs come out the other side with a top four finish, it will be a landmark moment for the club.

It will open up new opportunities in terms of revenue and the kind of players that Tottenham can target in the transfer market. Spurs will be considered a ‘big club’ once again (if they’re not already!)

It’s in this spirit, that Tottenham have been linked to Gonzalo Higuain this week (yes, that Higuain, the guy who plays a key role at Real Madrid).

According to The Mirror, the Argentine striker has grown weary of playing second fiddle to Karim Benzema at the Bernabeu and may be willing to make a move to the Premier League. They also suggest that he will cost his new club £22m.

This, for me, would be an absolute bargain for a player who has proven himself at the very top level over a number of seasons. Whilst this hasn’t been his best season (10 goals in 27 appearances), he usually scores at least once every two games and is renowned for his finishing ability. He’s strong with the ball at his feet, mobile, tricky and good in the air. You get the feeling that he’d fit in nicely in the Premier League.

Higuain is a world-class talent who would be a massive step up on the likes of Jermaine Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor for Tottenham. If AVB adds a player of his talent to this squad, who knows what could happen next season?

What’s your take? Could Spurs really pull off a deal for Gonzalo Higuain? And if they’re interested will they have to send Bale off in the other direction?

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  • George says:

    Levy will not pull up for him. He will probably sell Bale to buy anyone, so the viscious circle rears it’s head again.

  • where do they findem says:

    George must be a barrel of fun to go down the pub with!! Perhaps reading before posting might make the comment intelligible. George the typical moaner who gets Spurs fans a bad name for being fickle. Will George be back in August to make a grovelling admission if Bale and Higuain are in the Spurs squad? Of course not. He’s got nearly six months to compile a list of new whinges.

    • Joe says:

      I personally think its you that’s deluded and not George. No way Levy is spending that kinda money though I believe if by some miracle we qualify for the champions league Bale will stay. I don’t believe his intention is to moan but rather point out what history has always taught us about our forever under achieving club

      • Rob says:

        You and George should her together, have a pint and agree on a suicide pact. Bale is going nowhere, and if saying it would be a ‘miracle’ if we get CL doesn’t make you a pessimist I don’t know what does. Honestly, 12 unbeaten then you lose 1 game.

  • BOB says:

    Levy as Arnie would say “DO IT NOW! WHAT ARE U WAITING FOWR!”

  • ashlyn says:

    Top striker but bale leave spurs never just want him to be a giggs for spurs

  • Gunz101 says:

    Wow great article,almost as good as the one the other day with arsenal inserted where tottenham is named,hard work that cut and paste thing.

  • David jackson says:

    Please please get Suarez from Liverpool – he will be worth whatever we pay for him. He will definitely leave Liverpool – he needs to play in the champions league. Liverpool will not have a chance to play in the Europa league – we already have Swansea and leaves us with two places left. What if Wigan wins the fa cup?! That would leave arsenal for the last place.

  • TyeRaid says:

    Spurs could do with Higuain coming to them at London but not Bale going the other way to Madrid. £22m is a good price for a striker of this age, calibre and proven ability and his wages are also rumoured to be a relatively ‘low’ £63k per week at Real.
    Re second paragraph, Spurs did actually finish fourth last season.

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