Is this one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s greatest errors?

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Paul PogbaHe’s undoubtably one of the greatest managers of all time having achieved trophy after trophy and managing some of Europe’s biggest players throughout the years. However, he’s recently let one of Europe’s hottest talents slip through the net.

Paul Pogba was a Manchester United player. United had him exactly where they wanted him but then he left, opting to join Serie A giants Juventus instead of signing a new contract at Old Trafford. Why? Sir Alex Ferguson. Pogba has made no secret of his reasons for leaving, pointing them all at the legendary manager.

“I didn’t want to sign a contract as Ferguson didn’t play me, even though there were no midfielders there.”

False promises and lack of appearances left Pogba feeling he had no alternative, he left Manchester United for free in July 2012 and signed with Juventus.

A big step in a young boys career, leaping into the unknown and joining a new club abroad is a big decision for any player, let alone one so young. However, it doesn’t seem to have affected him at all and Sir Alex Ferguson may be left with a lot of regret after seeing what he has achieved at his new club.

He’s settled in superbly and has become a big part of the team that is currently occupying top spot in Serie A and through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. He’s made 21 appearances and has scored 5 goals, including a brace against Roma in January. Both were from outside the box and one is truly breathtaking.

Having only just turned 20, Pogba has a very bright future ahead of him both for Juventus and for France. He hasn’t broken into the national team as of yet but it will be forthcoming. So why on earth did Ferguson allow him to leave?

In the end, Ferguson had no choice. Pogba had made up his mind and was seeking pastures new. Instead of bringing Pogba into the midfield, Ferguson brought Scholes out of retirement and suddenly Pogba was further down the pecking order.

Pogba had made no mistakes. His performances suggested he should be given more opportunity’s and he didn’t kick off. He waited patiently but in the end enough was enough, he packed his bags and off he went.

This really could come back to haunt Ferguson. It’s happened in the past, Pique being the best example, but he was right to allow Pique to go as he never found his footing. Pogba wasn’t given the chance to find his feet in England and subsequently United lost an extremely good player.

Ferguson can hope that Pogba doesn’t haunt Manchester United in the future. I believe he will become a class player, further developing the skills and attributes he has already shown at his young age. Juventus have a midfielder that could become a key part of their team for years to come, United will just have to hope they don’t have to face Pogba anytime soon and feel the wrath of revenge.

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  • na_amadu says:

    Players come & go, no one is greater dan d club. And in Sir Alex we don’t regret his decisions! GGMU

  • Bill Bob says:

    You say revenge? but fergie picked him up and developed him into the player he is today, do you honestly believe that paul pogba would be the player he is today without manchester united? If he was so desperate to break it into the first team, then he could of waited. He waited like what, a season? and suddenly he gives up, thats probably the reason he didnt make it into the team. Look at welbeck and cleverly they are now only becoming established players, he should of sent him out on loan but obviously him and his agent are looking for an escuse for why he quit the biggest club in the world rather the real reason being that he was just greedy player that couldnt wait for his chance to shine.

  • United says:

    If united never had a tv channel showing reserve games, supporters would not have a clue about Paul Pogba. This mico management coming from fans is out of hand, hes seen 100s of players come and go unless you can find everyone of those players to compare them how could you know? Manucho is having a better season but i don’t see man United supporters talking about that.

  • Aussiehopper says:

    Paul Pogba Sadly did not have the intelligence to realise bringing Paul Scoles out of retirement was a short term fix and a mark of respect for one of the greatest players to ever wear a Manchester United Shirt, but good luck to him i hope he enjoys a career as long as Paul Scoles, but to me it is a case of taking the horse to water
    but being unable to make it drink. from all accounts Pogbas sibling
    is no Einstien either,

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