Has Real Madrid become the best team in La Liga?


Mourinho_buscamos_records_buscamos_ganar‘The best in La Liga? Spare me the hassle, its got to be Barca!’, is exactly what you would have gotten out of me, if you had asked me at the start of the season. In fact, this would have been the case, until the very unfortunate return of illness to Barca Boss Tito Vilanova. Barca have been suffering the worst form encountered this season on the pitch, with only 6 wins in 13.

So this begs the question:, who is actually the best in La Liga? Atletico? Real?

Consistency has been a real up and down issue for La Liga, with Atletico putting away 3 points week in and week out, until Kazan caused a mighty stutter in Simeone’s Madrid side in the Europa league, just a few weeks ago; the very same cup they had won just last year.

Then again, they have certainly been the most consistent in recent times in relation to Real and Barcelona. Real having lost to a Getafe side, then went on to take 2 wins from 2 El clasicos, picking up 3 points from the league match on the weekend, they then struggled against Celta de Vigo on the weekend but just about squeezed out 3 points in an enthralling last 10 mins, winning 2-1 in the end…

So we’ve estabilished Atletico, Real and Barcelona all lack in consistency, (in the last few months of course). However, could this be the start of a downfall for the worldwide power of Barcelona CF?

From the last few fixtures, if Real bag a great manager, in my view they will go on to win La Liga, simply due to their ability to be strong in hard times. A few months ago, people were talking about how Real had no youngsters coming into the first team.

Just a few months on, they have prospects in the form of Rafael Varane and Morata, both youngsters looking like they are the real deal.

Barcelona have Tiago, Tello and Delofeu. All three certainly have the capacity to move onto become great players, but Delofeu has been playing in Segunda division, Tello has a 10m euro buy out clause and Tiago has been totally useless in recent months.

So it looks like the youth has been sent to Real, surely a plan for the future. Also with reports indicating that Bale may be making a high money move to Real, NOT Barca, it looks like Real are in the hot seat to take the most prestigious trophy in the Spanish footballing scene.

I am certainly not saying Real are better at the moment, but with Barcelona so reliant on Messi and their playmakers getting old, in the likes of Xavi and Iniesta, and no definite replacements lined up, lets just see who the top spot will go to next year. My money’s on Real, that’s for certain…

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  • Bona says:

    Is this post one week late because it din’t make meaning to me? How is Tiago totally useless? A part from beating Barca twice, Real were outplayed by Man U before Nani’s send off. You know what the Madrid coach said after the game. Madrid struggled to win last weekends la Liga game. The only player saving Madrid season is Ronaldo not even Mourinho. May be they are now the Best in the Capital now. Of the three spanish teams remaining in champions league, Real have under performed more so far.

  • Uzoegheli says:

    Honestly I have actually watched the united vs Madrid match I can tell that Madrid were the better team, Jose just feel like patronizing united , so in essence madrid are on the ascendency . Then when you say barca problem started because of the coach , I somehow disagree because Madrid have had the upper hand and Imdont know what will be said of the Milan match since Jodi was in charge.

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