£14m for this Premier League talent? Arsenal should go for it:


Christian BentekeOne of the  bright sparks of an otherwise, dire season for Aston Villa football club, has been Belgian striker Christian Benteke.

It takes a big talent to come and steal the limelight away from Darren Bent, one of the Premier League’s most consistent goal-scorers, but the 22-year-old has been making some serious waves this season.

He’s certainly won Paul Lambert over, who has kept Bent on the bench on numerous occasions, to ensure than Benteke is given ample opportunities to shine.

Benteke is a towering, forward with a real presence. He’s great in the air, but he’s no slouch along the ground either. Once the ball’s at his feet, he’s able to turn quickly, run at players, work space and pass it into dangerous areas. Best of all, however, he’s supremely confident in front of goal and has already scored 14 times this season.

This achievement is all the more notable given his club’s poor form this season. Whilst Villa scrabble around in the muck and the mire of a relegation battle, Benteke seems to be reaching for something greater.

Whilst Lambert has been much criticised this season, he’s the man who signed Benteke and had the faith to play him ahead of Bent. For this he deserves some plaudits. He recently told the Press:

“With what he’s done, he’s a cult hero already. He’s only 22 and he’s got years and years ahead of him. He’s not at his peak, but what he’s done for me and for the club is fantastic. If someone wanted to buy Christian, they’d better have a few quid in their pocket.”

A few quid indeed. The Sun claim that Arsenal are interested in Benteke who has doubled in value since last summer. Given that he cost Lambert £7m in the summer, his new £14m price-tag is large sum for a player who could end up being a flash in the pan. Who’s to say that he’ll be as effective next season?

Players like Benteke and Michu create large amounts of buzz, because they’re new and effective. But will they have long and prosperous careers? That’s a gamble. For Benteke, it would be a £14m+ gamble.

But for Arsenal, if it came off, I think it’d be perfect. He’s athletic, he’s graceful and he’s a fine finisher. I think he’d make a very smart addition. The Gunners need another forward or two and Benteke fits the bill.

What’s your take? Should Arsenal be in the market for Christian Benteke?

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  • Rotterdam82 says:

    Gooners get Benteke for £14m?? No f**king chance, Wanger’s gonna have to dig a bit deeper;anyway why would he go there? Won jack in how many years?
    Man C££Y are allegedly ready to offer £20m and will no doubt pay double the wages.
    Dream on Gooners.

  • krfeskivilla says:

    IF Villa get relegated then Benteke will be leaving. IF we stay up I am not so sure. One thing I am sure about is IF he does go it will be for a LOT more than £14m…Chelsea paid £18m for Lukako, and with the clubs RUMOURED to be interested in Christian that would be a minimum. Financially Villa will not have to sell (even with relegation) and so IF he goes it will be on Villa’s terms..I would imagine the bid would need to be £20m before Villa even listened

  • chris b says:

    BUt he wont be going for 14 mill even if Villa go down. Anything under 25 will be a bargain. 21 years old , proven international goal scorer and three years left on his cotract. This is no Demba Ba situation.

  • Astonmilan says:

    He has a clause in his contract of three times his purchase value, three years left on his four year contract. So no way Arsenal will pay that, they are a selling club too. Only City and Chelski can afford to approach us and it will cost them big time, I’d say closer to the £30m mark if he leaves. We have no need to sell him and he has no relegation opt out clause either.

  • Phil says:

    It’ll be more than 14 million even if villa go down. If he keeps villa up, think 20-25 million. This “he’s doubled in value” quote is being taken way too literally. He’s not a player villa want to or have to sell, at least not at this stage.

  • Doubting Thomas says:

    Why would he want to go to Arsenal?

  • Adetugbo Adewale says:

    He will be a good signing. it is a type of player that is very strong up front and he can fight for the ball. £14million is not too much for such player.

  • Lee Lindsay says:

    Go get your adebayor back!!
    Benteke will not go arsenal and villa probably won’t sell him! £14m lol dream on

  • Macca says:

    The only way I could see Benteke being allowed to leave Villa would be if the Great Club got relegated. Hopefully that won’t happen.

    In terms of selling the player, have you ever known Arsenal actually sign players from Aston Villa? It doesn’t happen. Traditionally it would be a step down, currently no more than a slight step up.

    If Benteke leaves Villa it would be for a BIG SPENDING Champs League club. Villa would cash in and buy more top quality youngsters. Win-win for Villa. Should Villa stay up, they will have the makings of an excellent young side next season with Benteke and Weimann leading the line.

    As for Arsenal…I predict they will stick to gambling on small fry and second rate Germans and Spaniards.

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