Why Arsenal should be in the market for this £30m talent:

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There’s a reason why Marouane Fellaini looks like such an attractive prospect to zealous Arsenal fans. The ace Everton midfielder-cum-striker is a real physical presence, who combines tenacity with genuine technical ability.

In other words, he has all the qualities you’d commonly associate with an Arsenal player: quick passing, fleet-feet, intelligence and nous, along with qualities that an Arsenal player tends to shy away from: height, strength, power, etc.

The truth is, these qualities don’t tend to gel well within a player. So when Marouane Fellaini is able to demonstrate just how good he is on a weekly basis, he somewhat calls attention to himself.

Though to be fair, there is an Arsenal player who shares this mix of technicality and power. His name is Abou Diaby. But the trouble with that particular lanky Frenchman is that he’s always injured.

Indeed, his Arsenal career looks all but over, given that he can’t maintain any level of fitness. Could Marouane Fellaini be Diaby’s heir appearent?

Arsene Wenger has spoken in glowing terms about the big Belgium: I just think he is a good player. Everton’s offensive game turns around him. He is the target man they look for, and in recent years he is moving further forward.”

When asked whether he thought Fellaini could do a job at Arsenal, Wenger simply responded: “Yes.” (Source: The Week).

But if Arsene Wenger wants to ply Fellaini away from Everton, he’s going to have to cough up a significant amount of money – something he’s not much accustomed to doing.

The Daily Star claim that Chelsea have enquired about Fellaini and have been told that they’ll need to cough up £30m.

Now, that’s a lot of money, but it’s worth bearing in mind: there are very few players out there that are like Marouane Fellaini. Whilst Chelsea could use his quality, it’s Arsenal that need him more.

Whilst the likes of Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla have oodles of technical ability, they don’t have much by way of physicality. They need a player like Fellaini – somebody who can help them to dominate opposition sides and control the game.

Indeed, he may be the missing piece to the Arsenal jigsaw puzzle. He may be the player who finally brings consistency and success to the Emirates. So wouldn’t he be worth a £30m investment?

What’s your take? Is Marouane Fellaini worth £30m?

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  • Arsenes a dick says:

    Trash speculation

  • COYG says:

    Ya gotta say, If we were willing to pay 22m for Yann M’vila last year why not activate Fellaini’s apparent 22m release clause with the same money. It’s still there apparently. Plus he plays in multiple positions so when Diaby is back he can move forward and when he’s out he can come back.

    That is of course if we dont try again for M’vila- touted at 7m! Biglia at 8m or one of the many other DMs we’re always linked with.

  • Dave says:

    Aren’t everton above arsenal though? Why would he go down a level?

  • Malaysian gunner says:

    Wenger better get the guys who can help the seniors to win games.BTw,planning for the future is good but the immediate needs of the first team shd be given priority. So getting wc kids shd be done when the first team are challenging and need akick up the arse to prevent them underperforming.
    Getting promising guys now is abackward step if they are not ready for 1st team action.The last six years have been a repeat of this scenario.

  • gunnerabroad says:

    We are not buying Fellani and everyone knows this. We are not going to buy him for 30 mil or even 22 mill. If he were under 10 mil then he would go for that. Forget it, it is not happening. Some people would just assume make up stories than investigate and get the real news.

  • Sam says:

    Don’t you get a bit sad producing the same old bollocks every day?

  • Ray says:

    Nearly but not quite right. Diaby isn’t always injured, He always seems to recover when the transfer window opens, so Arsene doesn’t need to replace him, only for him to get injured as soon as it closes.

  • kokone says:

    Wenger only buy “exceptional” players by it means :- 1. Cheap with bargain price. 2. Skill ability will be taught later. 3. Must promise to him to be a super star in the future. YOUR DRAMA TIME AT EMIRATES IS OVER AND PLEASE GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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