All quiet on Frank Lampard’s new contract – time for a fresh challenge?


Let’s look at a couple of things – first of all, the managerial situation. Benitez is only at the club on a short-term basis and most likely moving on in the summer. Whoever they bring in long-term will surely play on Lampard’s mind. If he wants to sign a new deal at the Bridge, surely he wants stability; a guarantee that he’ll be playing for one manager for a sustained amount of time. Unlikely considering Roman’s track record.

Secondly, like I said earlier, he’s won everything he possibly could have imagined whilst in SW6. He completed the set in summer 2012 with the long-awaited European Cup to go alongside his Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup winners medals. Domestically it was a clean sweep, the Champions League left a void which was filled only months ago. You could say he completed his voyage.

His importance to the Chelsea cause can still not be underestimated – his latest two-goal salvo in a hard-fought 2-1 win at Everton demonstrated his continuing worth to the side and left him only ten goals behind Bobby Tambling in the club’s all-time top scorers list. It also proved that for all the class, energy and zest the likes of Mata and Hazard provide, there’s no real substitute for goals, goals, goals. This is what the midfielder provides, even as he reaches the end of his career. But how much longer is he able to do this? And how much longer will he want to?

I would be tempted to say that Lampard might seek his fortune elsewhere come the summer – possibly abroad. In America maybe? He’s been an incredible servant to the Premier League, breaking appearance records, scoring records from midfield all whilst generally keeping himself to himself away from the camera. Of course, should he leave it would be a real shame to see him  go and Chelsea would miss his presence. But, let’s face it, their midfield is already like dynamite with or without the 34-year old. It’s almost like it’s the right time for him to go.

To summarise, I disagree with Ray Wilkins, speaking on Sky Sports shortly after the Everton-Chelsea game and stating that the club should thrash out a new deal. I would argue that he’s done his lot for the Blues and it may be time to seek pastures new. It’ll be interesting to see what his next move is.

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  • Eidur says:

    Lampard could be like a Giggs or a Scholes and stay at the club, accepting a bit-part role, whilst curbing his instincts to go forward to allow the stars to shine (Mata, Hazard & co) as Ballack, Mikel and Makelele have done the dirty work in the past to let Frank shine. But he won’t.

    Nor will he take a pay cut, accept rolling year deals or admit that it’s about money. This is the norm for players that stay for the love of the club.

    There is no way in hell that any club outside China, the US or possibly Russia that will pay a 34-year-old 140k-a-week. The board aren’t there to be sentimental.

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