A £15m DREAM striker for Tottenham to consider:

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Tottenham fans have heard the name of ‘Leandro Damiao’ on numerous occasions. He’s a player that seems to get linked to the North London side during just about every transfer window.

Doesn’t that say something revealing about this Spurs side? Despite the success and advances they’ve made over the last 2-3 seasons, they have never quite managed to find that 20-30 goals per season striker they desperately need to launch them into the big time.

Whilst Jermaine Defoe has proven that he’s still got it, with a series of cool performances in front of goal, Emmanuel Adebayor has largely disappointed. The lanky Togo man has just two goals to his name this season and will be off to the African Cup of Nations this January.

In other words, the need for a striker is as strong as ever. Unsurprisingly, Leandro Damiao’s name has begun to surface once more.

According to the Daily Mail, Andre Villas-Boas is as much an admirer of the Brazilian forward as the man he replaced, Harry Redknapp.

And I’d argue that he has every right to be. Damiao is a scintillating striking talent. He has pace, ingenuity and confidence in front of goal. He’s the kind of player who can make a goal out of nothing with a moment of magic. But he’s equally good at getting on the end of intelligent midfield play and tucking it away.

Anybody who saw his performances in the summer Olympics will attest to his talent. He finished the competition’s top-scorer with six goals and truly announced himself on the big stage. He certainly has a future with Brazil, but where does his club future lie?

The Mail claim that Tottenham are weighing up a £15m bid for the 23-year-old. I expect for that kind of money, Damiao’s club, Internacional, will tell Spurs to ‘stuff it’. But he’s a player they need to keep pursuing. He’s the kind of unique talent that could help Spurs find the consistency they need to keep competing at the top level.

No he’s not Lionel Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo, but he has the potential to be a very special player. So shouldn’t Spurs be getting in on the action, regardless of the cost?

Should Andre Villas-Boas be able to close a deal for the Brazilian, he’ll have completed one of the most exciting Tottenham transfers for a long time. Let’s hope he has the stones to pull it off.

What’s your take? Should Tottenham look to finalise a deal for Leandro Damiao?

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  • Feenix says:

    Dalmiao would be a signing that would almost complete this great Spurs team along with a replacement for Modric, someone like Moutinho. If Spurs were to go all out and buy these two players I think we could be challenging for the title next season. It would be a well balanced team with a great coach in place it would be the completion of a great side.

  • Spursfan says:

    I’m not a negative Spursfan but I feel Levy and Co. are not ambitious and determined enough to ease our long suffering pains soon. So I don’t see them to action but talk about a quality transfer. It’s only ‘nice to talk’ and bluff the fans. The tragedy for our long suffering fans is that, although we are almost there, our toothless owners can only sell our best players and buy mainly also-ran players. Sorry Spursfans. Best wishes for the rest of the season.

  • Grizzly Adams says:

    He would fit in sweet as a nut! £15m plus Gomes I heard, and I hope happens!!! But there is the added hassle of third party ownership, as is the case with Moutinho. Yes we have the money to buy both players, but with these third party ownerships its never easy… and could we afford Moutinho’s wages??? Damian’s would be considerably less I imagine, but we’ll see… What about Huntelaar??

  • Andrew says:

    Spurs have to buy a top quality striker like damaio, it is essential if we want to finish in the top 4. Another player like willan or moutiniou is also required, if you look at the competition for top 4, Chelsea man city united they all got world class players with a large bench. It is required to go all the way till the 38th game. Otherwise forget about it

  • Paul I says:

    Buying Damiao is a must do thing in this transfer window. He is the final bit of business in the current Tottenham team that we need. We were missing 15-20 goals per season for a long time and it doesn’t look we will get them from Ade. Even 20 millions look right for the Brazil No:9 by all means. Daniel must bring the talent to Lane asap. This purchase may be tempting for Bale to stay for another season and maybe Spurs can be really pushing for the title. Pay International the money they want and enjoy Tottenham playing good attacking football please Mr. Levy

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