Why Liverpool should snap up this £10m rated goalscoring Spanish talent:

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It’s been a while since Liverpool have been able to attract the very best talent and fans could be forgiven for believing that those days were long gone.

After Kenny Dalglish splurged the Reds entire budget a couple of summers ago, the club has been forced to endure rigidly enforced limitations on their spending.

And given Liverpool’s status as a non-Champions League club, the fact that they can’t spend big has more or less stopped them attracting big names.

However, there have been signs that this is set to change during the oncoming January transfer window. Take for instance, The Express’ claim that Brendan Rodgers is interested in Barcelona’s wing-wizard Alexis Sanchez – rather strange and unlikely.

And now, The Metro has claimed that Liverpool are in the market for yet another Barcelona star, this time striker David Villa. We’ve all seen what Villa is capable of and his ‘knockdown’ price-tag of £10m may be attractive to cash-tight Liverpool. That valuation may seem a little hard to believe, but there is some justification for it.

First of all, Villa is now 31-years-old. His best years are probably behind him and it may be a downhill battle from now on in. Barcelona are a team that move the ball around quickly and Villa may start to struggle to keep up with play. It’s fair to say that he’s fallen down the pecking order at the Nou Camp and has struggled to exert himself on this Barca side since suffering a major injury last season.

Suffice to say, if Barca do bring in further attacking talent over the next couple of transfer windows, Villa may find himself squeezed out. In turn, Barca may look to move him on for whatever price they can get, simply to remove him from the wage-bill.

If Brendan can pull off this bargain move, he’ll pump belief back into Liverpool fans. Villa remains a world-class talent. Whilst his pace may start to drop off, he’ll still keep his impeccable first-touch and finishing ability. What’s more, he’ll still make the same intelligent runs that he has done on a regular basis over the last three-four seasons.

Besides, it’s Luis Suarez’s job to provide the pace and technical ability. Indeed, it strikes me that Suarez and Villa would make a fairly awesome partnership. Let’s hope that Brendan has what it takes to make this happen.

What’s your take? Could Liverpool really snap up Villa for just £10m?

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  • Bill says:

    Harry Cloke you’re still a joke.

    FSG have said on many occasions that they will not buy overage players but clowns like your good self just refuse to listen, even when given the proof during the transfer window with the Dempsey saga. Nobody on this planet except for maybe City, Chelski or that rich Russian club who’s name escapes me would spend £10M on a 31 year old, no matter how good he once was.

    • Fu says:

      Ur the joker here.Do u even kno how gud villa is……i wud be willing to pay 15 mill for him……31 doesnt mean he cant play……i bet he can at least play at the top level for 2-3 yrs…..and 10 mill is defo worth it

  • gogoli says:

    reina 12
    enrique 8
    henderson 14
    downing 10
    joe cole 4
    pacheco 4
    shelvey 6
    carroll 18

    total 76

    ter stegen 12
    amorebieta 15
    mertens 12
    strootman 12
    higuain 20
    eriksen 30

    ———ter stegen———

    • Henry says:

      Do you not realise it’s not fifa its the real world no team would ever do 14 different transfers @ 170 odd million and some of those players would not look at us at the moment

  • Iykeman says:

    David villa wil be an addiction to the squard infact i prefer villa than sturidge 12 mill wit no good record & doest finish well but 10 mill wit a good record & also a good finisher convert all of his chances which one would u prfer.

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