After Villa’s worst defeat in the clubs history, a thumping 8-0 defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, then a 4-0 defeat at home to Spurs three days later, has now forced manager Randy Lerner and Paul Lambert hands’ to spend big in the January transfer window.

The on-going debate in football that you can win ‘with kids’ seemed to be steadily working for manager Paul Lambert; after Villa went on a six game unbeaten run in all competitions including away wins at Norwich (4-1) and Liverpool (3-1). But after the last two games, where Villa have conceded 12 (without reply) and now have the worst goal difference in the Premiership (-21) all that work has been undone coming to a sudden halt.

Several talking points have arisen after the humiliating defeat Villa suffered to Champion League holders Chelsea and then the battering they received from Gareth Bale and Spurs, some more pressing than others.

The main talking points being discussed by Villa fans are Lambert’s approach of selling experience and not replacing those (James Collins etc.) then buy unproven youngsters from the lower leagues and the persistence not to change formations and personal when things aren’t going right.

In the first half of the season Lambert experimented with several formations, but finally settled on 3-5-2/5-3-2, with the introduction of wingbacks (Lowton and Bennett at present.) This seemed to of worked in the six game unbeaten run, but was finally exposed when Chelsea’s 100m+ front four and Spurs midfield, (included one of the best wingers on the planet Gareth Bale) showed Lambert he needed to stop being stubborn and change the formation and personal.

The persistency to not change formation and personal backfired when Villa were embarrassed, sustaining a defeat which left fans in less than an impressive mood venting their frustration and anger on fans’ forums, social media and radio call-ins. So why did after a successful run of six games in all competitions mean Villa combusted to receive the joint second highest defeat in the English Premier League’s history.

The main problem being discussed by fans is the current playing squad isn’t experienced enough to go a whole season without the constant talk of relegation; something persistent to Villa fans for the last three seasons.

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