Could Raheem Sterling REALLY move to Manchester United?


Many have left Anfield for the Theatre of Dreams, or walked alone from Old Trafford to don the historic kit of Liverpool but there has always been a stop gap. Michael Owen was at Real Madrid and Newcastle before cutting the chord completely with Liverpool by joining Man United. Paul Ince went to Anfied via Milan after being cast aside by Fergie in favour of his mid-90’s youngsters. According to the Mirror, Raheem Sterling is considering becoming the first player to move directly from the old footballing powerhouse, Liverpool, to another one still hungry for trophies, Manchester United.

This all stems from the negotiations around a new contract, with Liverpool becoming as fragile as wafer thin ice on the river Mersey. United, as well as Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal are all watching the youngster as firmly as the eye of Mordor watched the final battle at the gates of Mount Doom.

With Nani on his way out (about bloody time), Ferguson sees Sterling as an ideal replacement and wants him to become part of an all English core at Manchester United. The Scot’s impressive record with developing youngsters and in particular wingers (i.e. Ryan Giggs and Cristiano Ronaldo) is catching the eye of Sterling’s advisors . What’s more, Man United will be challenging for major trophies a lot sooner than Liverpool.

City and Chelsea can easily outbid United, but can’t guarantee first team football. Arsenal really don’t need another young English winger, do they?

The chances of this happening, I would say, are slim. Sterling has come up through the ranks of Liverpool and must surely understand the bitterness he could stir up by leaving the club that raised him to join the club they so hate. Metaphorically, it would be a kick in the balls for Liverpool. He would have to be either very stupid, or equally self-centred to decide to join United.

Then again loyalty and dignity are as hard to find in football as they are at a Conservative Party conference, so it would not surprise me if Sterling felt he was on a sinking ship and wanted to jump onto the nearest place with the same coloured uniform.

Raheem Sterling is going to be an excellent talent and I for one would love the soap opera that would commence if this rumour became true, but it just feels a little too contrived so early in December. United are also said to be after Porto’s James Rodriguez who is also a winger and would slip into the first team with less media fuss.

There is also the possibility that an agent of Sterling has given the Mirror this story to stoke the fire of Liverpool and get them into gear with a new contract. But if the rumour is genuine and the youngster left for Old Trafford, it would mean a serious chink in the psychological armour of Liverpool football club.

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  • Chat says:

    There always is a first… I rather believe that Sterling will be it as it beginning to look like he thinks himself the greatest thing in football.He is concerned with as much money as possible and he can hardly be blamed for that! He still has 18months on his old contract remaining though so that will be a big factor in the negotiations. Money calls and I see him responding. It seems to be as simply as that!

  • Towson Tom says:

    I don’t think the guy is good enough to warrant big money – his passing needs work, he often takes on players and is beaten, and there is rarely an end product. Yes he has potential but that’s all he has at the moment.

  • judgestevep says:

    This will happen over my dead body. The story is awful. The old power house, over one still hungry for trophy’s? Liverpool were badly managed a few years ago, and are in a position of rebuilding. Part of that is nurturing the talent we have, rather than paying 25 million quid for every player we buy. We will be back, hopefully when a badly managed Utd are starting to falter. Raheem isn’t demanding anything and he is a smart lad, so I expect a deal will be done. If not then sell him for 25 million to someone other than Utd, and then bring Jordan Ibe through. He is probably just as good.

  • Dave says:

    Why join utd they are a club in decline with an idiot manager!!!

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