Arsenal have had their hand slapped – now it’s time to try a different tact in the transfer market:

Image for Arsenal have had their hand slapped – now it’s time to try a different tact in the transfer market:

Arsenal fans finally seem to have come to a realization: they are now bearing witness to a thoroughly mediocre side on a week-by-week basis.

Arsene Wenger has over seen the rise and rise of many fantastic teams over the years, but I think it’s fair to say that he’s hit a low point. He’s had players like Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, Dennis Bergkamp and Cesc Fabregas amongst his ranks. There is now nobody of that kind of level within this squad, when in the past there has always been 2-3 world-beaters.

Fans have got behind Santi Cazorla, but it’s been remarkable to watch the Spaniard burn out so quickly. After a fantastic start during the Gunners opening four games, his form has all but disappeared and he now looks jaded, forlorn and a little lost.

But those are characteristics which could describe this whole Arsenal side. They could also describe Arsene Wenger, who has spent the majority of this year looking thoroughly fed up. Let’s hope that he’s drawing up transfer plans at this very moment, so that when January roles my, the Gunners can make some immediate additions.

One player that has been strongly linked to Arsenal is Crystal Palace’s ace young winger, Wilfried Zaha. When asked last week as to whether he was interested in the 20-year-old prodigy, Wenger did little to deny that he was. This, in turn, has provoked the anger of Palace boss Ian Holloway:

“Why is he [Wenger] talking about my players? I don’t think that’s right and proper, with the greatest respect,’ barked Holloway. I don’t think anybody who manages any other club should actually admit who he likes and what he should be doing. I think that’s totally bad etiquette. He can say what he likes but about his players, not mine.(Source: The Metro).

He also notes that: “He won’t be available, no matter what the price is, in January. Whilst I think that Holloway has a point, I do hope that these comments put Wenger off the hunt for Zaha. He’s a good young player, but Arsenal should be chasing players who are already fully-formed. They need players who are already world-class, not players who will be world-class within the next five years.

Arsene Wenger’s youth model lies broken and dead. The signings of Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla (whether they are deemed successful or not) should mark the beginning of a new era for Wenger in the transfer market. Let’s hope he follows that path and doesn’t revert back to his old ways.

What’s your take? Should Arsenal be pursuing Wilfried Zaha?

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  • James gunner says:

    Fully agree that Wenger shd not not buy any more
    The senior team needs an injection of quality and experienced players not some kid who will fail again. Zaha maybe a promising wc kid.Is there any guarantee Zaha will deliver?

  • James gunner says:

    Wenger has not only to integrate the new quality players,assuming he buys them.He also has to tweak his tactics and play ugly to win. If he keeps on playing the same way,rest assured even if he were to get 5 wc players,the gunners will continue to struggle.

  • pepe says:

    “Arsene Wenger’s youth model lies broken and dead.
    Read more at” come on now, this is far from the truth. The fact is that developing players is cheaper than buying stars, not always but in many cases yes. I think that we need to buy some players with experience like you say, but i don’t think it would be wise to stop developing players just because some of them haven’t worked out.

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