Arsenal 2012: The good, the bad and the ugly

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It’s been a mixed to poor year at best for Arsenal. Let’s dig a little deeper.

The Good

There were (surprisingly) a few good parts to Arsenal’s year, despite it being a rough one. Game results such as beating Spurs 5-2 twice, Blackburn Rovers 7-1 and Man City 1-0 in April (with a superb Arteta goal) and our 2nd leg comeback attempt against AC Milan were all incredible games to watch.

Regaining a 13 point deficit to finish 3rd was quite a good moment of this year. Also, we got to use ‘Mind the Gap’ back against the Spurs fans who started it.

The signings we made in the summer were also a good investment, especially Santi Cazorla. If we hadn’t managed to get him, I wouldn’t like to think where we would be right now. Cazorla is phenomenal and I hope he stays a gooner for a long time.

Henry returned on loan to Arsenal in January. No bad thing.

The Bad

It was the year of ‘the bad’ for Arsenal. We failed to win anything for a 7th season and the hopes that happening in the next few years are slipping further and further away too.

Players such as Chamakh, Gervinho, Santos, Arsharvin, Squallaci, Djourou, Diaby and Flappyhandski still remain on the payroll.

We had our worst start to a Premier League campaign in 30 years and have had a terrible run of results, which has led to us being 7th in the League. There is huge unrest amongst, players, management, the board, AST and fans.

Selling Robin Van Persie to Manchester United was such a bad move for Arsenal. We sold our best player to our rival team and it has been our biggest loss in years. The only reason this isn’t below in the ugly part, is because Van Persie picked United over City.

Arsene Wenger: his worst year as manager and I think the Frenchman has lost his touch. Bad tactics, poor signings, odd perception of player’s talent. His explanations and match summaries have left a lot to be desired this year also.

The Ugly

The overall state that the team is in at the moment is ugly. No passion or morale, sub-standard performances from sub-standard players, terrible tactics and the inability to explain to fans just why we are in this situation.

Getting knocked out of the Capital One Cup by Bradford City, was the ugliest point for Arsenal. A second division team out-classed and out-played our first team of ‘stars’. It was a real eye-opening moment… the true indicator of where Arsenal stand now.

The Arsenal board situation is ugly, they have priced fans out of attendance, they have put finance before football and above all they have lied so many times that nobody knows what the truth is anymore.

So… 2012. The ugliest year to be an Arsenal fan in the Premier League era?

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  • John says:

    The good:
    “The signings we made in the summer were also a good investment”
    The bad
    “I think the Frenchman has lost his touch, poor signings”
    I always read this site for a good laugh, qwerty expertise at its best. Never thought you could find a ‘writer’ dumber than that Harry Cloke clown, I was mistaken.

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