£30m? You’re having a laugh! Why Liverpool need to start haggling for this unstoppable goal-scorer:

Image for £30m? You’re having a laugh! Why Liverpool need to start haggling for this unstoppable goal-scorer:

When the talk begins about the ‘bargain signing’ of the season, you can bet that Michu’s name will be up there. The Swansea City striker has been in absolutely dazzling form this season and can’t seem to stop scoring.

The fact that he cost the Swans just £2m last summer is the icing on the cake. He scored two goals against Arsenal last week and added another couple to his tally last weekend against Norwich City. That’s brought his total up to 12 goals in 16 games thus far this season.

I’m sure striker hungry clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool are looking in Swansea City’s direction with a rather envious gaze.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, both clubs have been linked to the 26-year-old in the run-up to the January transfer window. He’s a player that could improve both teams and the Swans may well struggle to keep hold of him when the transfer window reopens.

The Mirror claims that Brendan Rodgers will consider a bid for Michu, should Liverpool miss out on their top strike target, Daniel Sturridge.

The problem that the Reds face? Michael Laudrup has told reporters that he won’t consider selling the Spaniard for anything under £30m.

Naturally, this is just a manager trying to protect his player and prevent a bidding war. By inflating his price, Laudrup may well prevent clubs like Liverpool declaring their interest. The fact is, however, one half of a good season does not equate to a £30m price-tag. Laudrup must surely recognize that there’s a chance that Michu’s form could dip over the next year.

Should a fair offer for the player come in, I’m sure he’d be tempted to sell. Michu may also be able to force the issue, by declaring his wish to move to a bigger club. The Mirror claim ‘a more realistic bid of around £10m’ may tempt Swansea City into selling.

And at that price, I fancy that he’d make a rather decent back-up for Luis Suarez at Anfield.

The Uruguayan has been forced to take up much of the slack upfront for Liverpool this season and whilst he has done an admirable job, it’s clear that he needs some help in this regard.

I admit, it’s something of a gamble for Liverpool to pursue a player with so little experience at the top level. From what we’ve seen however, he’s the real deal.

In my opinion, he’d be an even better signing that Daniel Sturridge.

What’s your take? Would Michu be a good addition at Anfield?

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  • SwanseaTillIDie says:

    Either match our offer or look elsewhere.

    How can you justify offering £10 million for the top goalscorer in the Premier League when you paid £35 million for Andy Carroll + £16 million for Henderson.

    Michu scored almost as many goals in La Liga from midfield as Carroll did in the Championship playing for by far the best team in Newcastle.

  • SwanseaTillIDie says:

    Wonder how Liverpool fans would react if there talk of another club offering £10 million for Suarez.

  • SilverSurfer says:

    at some point in the future Michu may well be tempted away to a big club but it wont be liverpool, it will be a club with champions league credentials, liverpool are no longer a top club like it or not they are are only big in their own minds

  • Badfinger_taffy says:

    Seriously??? He is only worth what someone will pay for him and we all understand that, however he has a value to Swansea. Remember that for each place you achieve in the premiership the divi will double, approximately £1.5 million per place plus nearly £25 million for equal share of Premiership, £10 million facility fees, £20 million for over-sees TV etc. If Mitchu continues at the same rate he could net between 25 and 30 goals this season so if you take away his contribution then we will lose much more than we will get selling him at a silly price. Take those goals away and we will surely drop a few places at least and thus not gaining anything from his sale.

    Proven or not proven, the club has put a price on him so pay up or let well alone.

  • nippy says:

    Michu is worth to Swansea £30 million if you want to buy pay more than Joe Allen cost that is what Laudrup said. STOP PRESS! Michu has “said he is happy at Swansea and wants to stay”. So if you want to temp dont tell us what he is worth we don’t need the money.

  • Robb1e78 says:

    Liverpool will not be bidding for Michu its another stupid story, so Swansea fans don’t be having a go at LFC I hope you carry on having a great season tho, brill team and great fans..keep it up

  • Dai says:

    Complete cack! Bargain buys depend on a buyers’ market – on a situation where the seller is desperate for money. But if you search on that word in recent news items, you’ll find that it is Liverpool who are said to be ‘desperate’ to resolve their striker crisis. As everybody knows, the January window isn’t a good time to get a bargain, though we shall be trying to find a striker using the nice war chest we got from the Rogers, Allen and Sinclair deals. The game changer this season is the 60M plus television money waiting for the clubs that stay in the EPL. The Swans would be crazy to put that at risk for 10M. Offer that amount and see who rolls around laughing. Obviously breathing the Swans’ exhaust fumes is killing brain cells on Merseyside!

    • dianne swansea says:

      Brilliant that!!

    • EggyFart says:

      Can’t you read? The article states the mirror have said £10m is a realistic offer. Liverpool have been linked with just about every striker on the planet by countless media fantasists. You lot need to learn to chill out a bit and enjoy what’s tuning out to be a great season for you and stop getting carried away with yourselves over this media guesswork. If we did actually make an offer for Michu or at least enquired about him I would understand if you all got your knickers in a twist, but ’till then “Calm down”.Y.N.W.A.

  • Badfinger_taffy says:

    It cracks me up when supporters think they have control over how much a player is bought/sold for. I am surprised that Brendan spent silly money when he went to Liverpool, he knows how much players should be worth and as much as I liked Joe Allen he wasn’t proven enough to go for that kind of fee. So Liverpool should just keep out of at as they are not in a position to spend that sort of money on one player.

  • Jim says:

    £10m? YOU are having a laugh!

  • dianne swansea says:

    Dream on I say, blah blah blah.The Liverpool poachers. Get your own……………..Already took our manager and Joe, now you want more?? Get your money out and not peanuts. 30 big ones lol

  • bobo chacha says:

    Michu would love to join club like Man United, Man City, Arsenal or Liverpool for sure!

  • mikey boy says:

    Oh get over yourselves!

    Michu has done extremely well, he was cheap cos he was out of contract well done. You are a mighty whole point ahead of us now after our worst start in many a year, we’re only 4 points from 4th so can now possibly entice the right calibre of player. You seem to forget we already have a striker in double figures, and before you say what if he’s injured, how would Swansea cope without Michu’s goals? Keep him, no way is he worth a big punt when other options, Villa, Huntellar, Llorente etc are available for that sort of money

    • dianne swansea says:

      Envy is not a nice emotion

      • Mikey Boy says:


        Exactly what am I envious of? Do tell! I like the way Swansea play, have no malice towards you in any way, but a few of the comments here read like Swansea is a big step up from LFC when we’re roughly comparable at the moment. I hardly have to talk about trophies- and before you say it- I’m talking recent past not the 80’s

        I would I watched the Swans rather than any number of teams in the Prem, but some of your number are getting way carried away with your success so far…

  • Badfinger_taffy says:

    No one’s getting carried away, it is still going to be difficult to get the points we need for survival and then maybe we could look forward. We are a small clubb that will do well to stay in the Premiership, we have no pipe dreams but we are realistic.

  • Zanz Kedah says:

    LFC….Please get rid from signing Daniel Sturridge, Theo Wallcott, Wilfred Zaha and Darrent Bent.They are only expensive players who will demand high salary.Not best answer for goal scorer issue and very easy to get injure but very slow progress to make come back.What biggest expectation we all can hope from all of them? Disapointed only. Better break the bank to fishing EDison Cavani, Gonzalo Higuin, Mario Gotze, Karim Benzema, Lendro Damiao, Sergio Agguerro, David Villa, Christian Erikson and Tello.Sometimes we must do this plan to get best players.

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