Liverpool’s number one priority?

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Those who doubted Luis Suarez’s capacity to provide a regular supply of goals are beginning to eat their words. The Uruguayan currently sits atop of goal scoring tables and on the current form who is to begrudge him the acknowledgment of being the finest marksman in the league? Of course if he is to hold on to this mantle he must demonstrate he can remain consistently deadly for the remainder of the campaign. At present though, it is the controversial forward who is carrying a transitional Liverpool team and in some style.

His two goals yesterday were the product of razor sharp finishing; an aspect of his game that went missing all too often last season. Yet those who expressed their belief he would never be prolific failed to take into account the amount of times he was thwarted by the woodwork and great goalkeeping. It was inevitable his luck would change as long he kept getting into those positions.

As Torres continues his seemingly irreversible decline into mediocrity, Liverpool can look forward to enjoying the services of a forward with the talent to dwarf even the impact made by the brilliant Spaniard. Suarez does not quite have the blistering acceleration of El Nino nor the aerial prowess but he more than makes up for it in other areas.

The South American is a much more flamboyant player and more refined in the art of linking play with devastating intelligence, his knack of wriggling out of tight situations is unrivalled in the premier league. Perhaps most importantly, he is not susceptible to chronic injury and his robust frame is perfect to withstand the rigours of England.

The vultures are circling and Liverpool must brace themselves for a fight to hold onto to their talisman. A hefty price tag is mandatory, but the club must realise Suarez must be equipped with a worthy supporting cast, to keep him loyal to Anfield but also to ensure the Reds can make the leap back into the Champions League. Raheem Sterling has thus far been brilliant but it is surely optimistic to expect a 17 year old to continue playing so well till May.

January will be key to the fortunes of club and the destiny of Suarez. He adored by the faithful, as much as he is disliked by many others, but Reds fans will remember the reign of Torres ended all too quickly and with Suarez into his third season one can wonder how long he can remain satisfied with a club finishing in the top seven.

Any injury to Suarez is will incite panic,but Liverpool fans will hope he can have the same impact as Van Persie did for the Gunners. Before this season you would have said Suarez was one of the best players in the league, right now you can say he is the best goal scorer.

Liverpool are making cautious progress under Rodgers and is their mercurial forward leading the way. Suarez is the most bewitching, mesmeric captivating player in England, yet every time he performs an outrageous piece of skill Liverpool fans worry about how long they can enjoy the feast. The onus is now on senior management to build a team around a player who is now coveted all over Europe.

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