He’s ready to meet with Arsenal – now the club needs to snap him up:

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Though the critical reappraisal of Arsenal’s towering forward Olivier Giroud is almost complete, I’m sure most fans still feel that acquiring a top striker this January is the club’s biggest priority.

This claim isn’t meant as a slight towards Olivier Giroud. The Frenchman has enjoyed a highly productive month. He helped to engineer an Arsenal comeback when his side were getting beaten 4-0, he scored a high quality brace against Fulham and this week, he led the line against his old club, Montpellier, admirably.

Though he wasn’t at his fluent best, his hold-up play was effective and he linked with the midfield well. Best of all, he provided two fantastic assists for Jack Wilshere and Lukas Podolski. He has gone from looking like a no-hoper to a player who clearly has a future in North London.

The truth is, however, the player he is attempting to replace was an absolute world-beater. Robin Van Persie is arguably the best striker in the world and it’s no surprise that Arsenal have struggled this season without him. Relying on Giroud alone won’t be sufficient to pull the Gunners back into contention. Arsene Wenger needs to take to the transfer market and attempt to find somebody who can provide some real cutting edge upfront.

Which brings me to Sport360’s claim that Liverpool and Arsenal are the first clubs that Edinson Cavani has agreed to talk to. Cavani’s agent is quoted as saying: “It is no secret that Cavani wants to play in England; it is one of his biggest dreams.”

It’s straight from the horse’s mouth, so you’d hope that there’s some truth to it. If Edinson Cavani has agreed to meet with Arsenal, that to me, would be very exciting news. After all, it would mean that a) Arsenal are interested in a player who would probably double their existing transfer record and b) Cavani would consider a move to the Emirates.

The Napoli star has scored 49 league goals in 64 seasons over the last couple of seasons and has the power and pure finishing ability to trouble any defence. He has quickly established himself as one of the best strikers in world football and is due a move to a top club.

You can bet that the big-spending clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea will be interested. Arsenal will face staunch competition. If they can pull this move off, however, it may well pull them back into title contention.

What’s your take? Can Arsenal really win the battle for Edinson Cavani?

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  • harrison says:

    arsenal wont sign him despite all d money in the bank…plz wenger make dz move fast 2 beat liverpool

    • shaggy says:

      I agree we need to buy but really Cavanni seriously !! 20 plus in Italy doesn’t mean anything !!
      Huntelaar and Yann Villa for 20 million combined now that isn’t just great business it makes total sense !!

  • wardy says:

    you just gotta hope!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ajmi says:

    our formation with the three main players to wear an arsenal shirt . ( Cavani, Huntelaar , Downing) There is proof that those players are possibly going to be in our squad in january. Let’s start off with Downing. He is a top class player that now does not participate in liverpool matches. it’s been frustrating for him, that he’s stuck on the bench many times under the spel of Brendon Rodgers. We Gunners don’t look like we need a winger, but i think we do. we have poldi , arshavin, oxlade, walcott, and ramsey playing as wingers but, podolski is a centre forward not a winger , arshavin lost fast feet and skills, oxlade is pretty selfish at times, walcott could leave at january, and ramsey should not be playing at arsenal anymore. so look at the formation below


    sagna mertesacker vermaelen koscinely gibbs


    walcott downing

    poldi/ giroud huntelaar/cavani

    i know, i know, 5 defenders too much, but if you think about it… we are the most so far in the premier league that had clean sheets. so, we need to continue with that. and our forward or attacker are outstanding. Arteta needs to find his style of plsying to plsy. Wilshere loves to put pressure on the opposition and we have two wingers who are quick and great crossers. and we have four world class attackers. please arsene … splash the cash . stop the trophyless streak!!!!

    • Dublin Gunner!!! says:

      Ha. Wat drugs r u on. Arteta is our main player in the engine room ya nut! Man u knew this thats why we played so sh!t against them. Downing?!! Please! He cant even get in liverpools team. How on earth would he get in ours?? Wenger will never spent 35m (around the price) on a player,never mind cavani plus his wages of around 120,000 a week. U clearly no nothing about arsenal. An forget about huntelaar. Wenger is mad. I want my arsenal back!

    • shaggy says:

      Why spend silly money for a player from Italy !! even with 20 plus goals a season !!
      leave that silly money to Liverpool..
      Huntelaar and Yann Villa combined price of 20 million !! Not just good business but it makes total sense.. and still we would have 15 million of the 35 million we have in reserves!! without the money coming from our new deals for next summer wish lists !!

    • Papoose says:

      Guy.ur formatn is d worst formatn dt av sn.rubbish

  • The BearMan says:

    Wenger will not spend more than £20M!

    • shaggy says:

      I agree with ya !! 20 million on Yann Villa and Huntelaar would be great business and make total sense…
      Yann is not going to sign a new deal which will make a free agent in the summer and no one wants to lose money so Wenger will get him for 13 million and Huntelaar is 29 yrs old they can’t ask top money for a player that can go for free in 6 months and is 29 yrs old !!!
      20 million well spent and as Wenger says we only buy players that would compliment the players we already have…. we Wenger these two not only compliment your players they will make them better as a squad and team !!
      Do you Agree !!

  • attaz says:

    Wenger may play him out of position like, arshavin.

    • shaggy says:

      Arshavin could play anywhere and still be out of his depth !! Not the brilliant player that most expected but i never thought he was all that. Greedy yes !! stubborn yes!! arrogant yes !!
      My Friends in Russia Laughed at me for Arsenal signing Arshavin they said he was a like a Bar of Gold !!
      ie He shines and looks amazing, but like gold is heavy and can’t move !!
      I agree with my friends now !!

  • afc says:

    just cus we bring him in does nt make us contenders for title it depends where we are when he comes and how long it takes for him to settle thats if we get him which would be a shock for arsenal’s transfer standards.

  • Sunny says:

    He will join chelsea.. The players who desired to play for Arsenal and Liverpool at the last minute Joined Chelsea or Mancity.!

    • shaggy says:

      id be happy if he did go to Chelski or City or Liverpool as long as he doesn’t come to the Gunners !!
      Huntelaar and Yann Villa are what is needed and a combined price of 20 million!!
      makes sense !! and good business !!
      6 million for Huntelaar the closest thing to the greedy Badger you will ever get !!
      and 13 million for Yann Villa the closest thing to Viera since the Man himself !!
      done deal !! Cavanni is a smoke screen !! 35 million your having a laugh !!! 20 million for to of the finest players around in their positions and 15 million change from what we have in reserves for january not just good business its the sort of business Wenger loves!! ie: coming home with money after shopping…lol
      Watch this space !!!

  • Rocket says:

    Not a chance WENGER out

  • Lobster says:

    Falcao is amazing, however I’d rather have huntelaar, I’ve always felt he wud b the closest we could come to replacing that OTHER dutchman.. But beggars can’t b choosers, I guess

    • shaggy says:

      I agree Huntelaar is the Man !! Very similar to Van and his finishing is up there with the Badger !!
      and he is Dutch seems total football came from Holland and we always have a dutch man upfront or at least in the attacking third !! Bergkamp.Overmars.Van The Greedy Badger.they seem to know how to and when to release or shot..
      Its brings all the fine work by Areta wilshere and Santi a finish worthy !!
      In Midfield Yann Villa needs to come in and put himself about and make us stronger in the middle of the park !!and give Arteta the much needed and deserved rest he so requires !! and it means we could look after our midfield players better allowing them rests when their body needs it not after the damage has been done… 20 million sterling would get us both !! and hello !! i wouldnt say no !! 6 million for Huntelaar its a bargain !! 29 yrs old ideal replacement and Yann is what we had wanted song to be the next Viera !! Diaby now that is a shame !! his body cant take the demands of football !! and it looks like he will leave with a good handshake sooner rather than later the only obvious replacement is Yann Villa !!

  • Tommygun says:

    Why spend so much money on him wen you could get huntalaar for a quarter the price

    • kevmacn says:

      yeh bargain basement hunting fan as usual. huntelaar is 29 and cavani is 25. at 25 huntelaar was no where near as good as cavani is now. we all know wat is gonna happen anyway. all january we get excited bout cavani and then boom we pay 6 mill for a 29 year old dutch national team sub.

  • Joe says:

    49 goals in 64 seasons is pathetic!!

  • Aussie Gunner says:

    To be able to play 64 seasons he must be at least 80 years old not a bad effort , but a terrible return of goals.

  • shaggy says:

    Personally i do not think he is worth the Money Touted about yes he is good in Italy !! That does not mean he will be good here. He averages 20 plus goals a season granted but for me there can only be one replacement for Van the Badger and that is his rival Huntelaar they play very similar games and both have finishing skills to admire,but i personally think that Huntelaar is one of the missing pieces of this New Jigsaw being put together by Wenger. So far we are short two players from being the finished Picture. Huntelaar and Yann Villa them in our squad will strike fear in any team.With what we already have in the squad it would compliment it perfectly give the players a rest that are on fire and work so hard week in week out. With Yann In the midfield teams will think long and hard about coming through our achilles heal which is at the moment our weakest area the park ( The Middle of the Park). Just look at the goals we are conceding route one down the middle why coz its not strong enough for every game !! players need breaks to get energy back we dont have that luxury of breaks for our players as they are always needed. £20 million would get both players and i think that is good business … Yann is young so we will make money back if we ever need to so sound business sense and would counteract the money of any losses through Huntelaar 6million its nothing !! 13 million for Yann is nothing aswell !! and two quality players that love the big stage !! will he see the sense !! wenger listen good business sense..

  • Sriram says:

    id prefer PATO instead bcoz he is superfast!!We need speedsters so dat our build up speed can bcom fast..walcott dint play against vila nd we never even attacked…if he had played why would u call him de fastest player in de world is we dont play fast game…So PATO+WALCOTT=game will be superfast.!

  • sube says:

    Now thins is getting down right rubbish. Cavani is way out of our league. We know that Arsene won’t buy him in a million years.

    • aaa says:

      ur a fool if u think that he is not in the same league as henry was and u think he is to good for us go put that yid shirt back on, fan like you make me sick

  • Reagon says:

    This site ALWAYS posts bullshit stories like this. Cavani recently signed a new contract his not going anywhere for less than 30m.

  • peter says:

    wenger will not spend more money on ONE player thts his problem, he just develop youngstars who will leave him when they are well enough and he cannot even afford to keep them.

  • Paul says:

    I think u may be more mad and you just don’t seem to know mr blind gunner from dublin where was your arsenal before wenger?

  • gestur says:

    I would go for DMC and goalkeeper in january mabe an AMC…. that would be my primery transfer. But if there is a chance that we could sign Cavani then ofc… dont even have to think 2 time about it. There can be only 1. Arsenal for life!!!!!!!

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