Arsenal have gone after him in the past – why it’s time for Arsene to complete this move:

Image for Arsenal have gone after him in the past – why it’s time for Arsene to complete this move:

Arsenal have been linked on and off to Liverpool’s veteran goalkeeper Pepe Reina for years. It seems that Arsene Wenger has an affinity for the Spaniard. Reina has spoken about this in the past:

“Arsenal had made their determination to sign me clear by offering £20m, a phenomenal amount for a goalkeeper. Part of me felt that I was well within my rights to consider my future even if I did so with a heavy heart.”

Two-or-three years ago I would have been excited by the possibility of Reina joining up with the Gunners. He has, for some time now been one of the Premier League’s best goalkeepers. He’s been a model of consistency whilst at Anfield. He has full control of his penalty area, great shot-stopping ability and safe hands.

But over the last couple of seasons, a change has come over Reina. I’d argue that he’s not quite the player he used to be. Like Chelsea’s Petr Cech, he’s been overtaken by Manchester City’s Joe Hart when it comes to the mantle of ‘the Premier League’s best keeper’ and slowly but surely errors and indecision have started to creep into his game.

Whilst he’s still capable of keeping Liverpool in games that they would otherwise have lost, the consistency seems to be all but gone. He’s certainly not as sprightly or cocksure as he used to be.

So it’s a little strange to see Arsenal get linked to the Spaniard once more (courtesy of The Metro). But on further consideration, perhaps the move makes sense.

Reina has seen himself usurped at Anfield by former Middlesbrough star Brad Jones. He has been loyal to Liverpool for some time now, but this latest decision may force him to consider his options.

Arsenal, on the other hand, are a team that is in desperate need of further options when it comes to keepers. Beyond Wojciech Szczesny, there is nobody else with the ability to perform at the top of the Premier League. Vito Mannone lets in goals that he shouldn’t. Lukasz Fabianski has no future at the club.

Besides, it’s not like Wojciech is a world-beater – not yet anyways. His mistakes at Euro 2012 provide evidence that he still has some way to go before he’s ready to be a regular number one at a top club. In my opinion, Arsenal could use a more experienced man between the sticks. But not somebody who could hang around forever and ruin Szczesny’s career. In this respect, Reina could be a smart option.

Sure, he’d cost a pretty penny, but he has the Premier League experience and know how that Arsenal desperately need. Despite his issues he’s still up there at the top of the game. Perhaps it’s time for Arsene to make this move happen?

What’s your take? Would Pepe Reina be a good signing for Arsenal?

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  • chambers says:

    There are more factors than mentioned here on the condition of Reina at Anfield. Jones has been played as he shows an eagerness to perform and establish himself. Reina on the other hand has for the past 2 years been showing that he no longer wants to play at Anfield and by his lackadaisical performances is manipulating conditions to be exactly where they are now. He has shown every intention to vacate Anfield during the January window.

  • Akeem Abdulkareem Lanre says:

    Yes, bcos he has the premier league experience. There is no any good goalkeeper in this world who hasn’t make an error, experience will always count anyday anytime . Reina could be a perfect challenger against our own young polish goalkeeper.

  • Bill says:

    Harry your an idiot. Reina has had a hamstring injury that’s why Jones has been playing. Stick to writing your gardening column.

    • Danny D says:

      Bill, I think you should try gardening and relax your neurones… friend. =)

      This is football… you never know! Did you see Torres in blue a few years back when he was kissing the badge?


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