Why Brad Friedel should remain Tottenham’s number one:

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There has been much debate recently as to who should be the Tottenham number one.  The statistics would suggest that even though Brad Friedel is significantly older, he would still be the better choice.

The American has kept 36 clean sheets in his last 130 Premier League games, stretching back to the beginning of the 2009/2010 season, when he played for Aston Villa. Compared to Lloris’ record over the same period of time; the French number one has kept 21 clean sheets in 82 games, 81 of which were for Lyon. Last season alone, he only managed four clean sheets in 36 league games.

I know there’s more to the argument, with the quality of a goalkeeper a larger question that can’t just be answered wit clean sheet records, but they are a good indication. Of course, it also depends on the strength of the defence, but I don’t think that holds a particularly strong case for Lloris. Lyon have played in the Champions League and although the French Ligue 1 may not be considered as prestigious as the Premier League, he is not playing for a weak team, certainly not weaker than Aston Villa, who Friedel spent two years at during this period of time.

The argument about Friedel being old is also poor in my opinion when you look at his consistency. Friedel hasn’t missed a game through injury since the 2003/04 league season. Moreover, he has been in double figures for clean sheets in two of the the previous three seasons. He’s showing no sign of weakening. So why should his age count against him?

I’m not saying Hugo Lloris isn’t a good goalkeeper, he’s still young and improving all the time. I just feel for now, Friedel should still be the number one. He hasn’t put a foot wrong and you won’t find a more reliable goalkeeper around, the stats back that up.

Andre Villas-Boas faces a problem considering Lloris isn’t happy to warm the bench. But, if it’s not broken, it doesn’t need fixing. Lloris should go on to be a great goalkeeper for Spurs in the future. For now though, I believe Friedel is still the man who should be between the sticks.

What’s your take? Who deserves Tottenham’s number one jersey? And how much longer can Brad Friedel continue to perform at the top level of the game?

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  • spursguv says:

    Whoever wrote this is a cockhead. Friedel is 40 FFS and is leaking goals like a seive. good keeper but he’s the past and Lloris is the future. If AVB decides to keep playing Friedel then I’ll be another withdrawing my support of him. AVB has a testing time coming up. Livermore is shit, walker’s struggling and Hudd is far too slow.

  • DigiSpurs says:

    I am not sure what on earth your trying to imply… Brad yes he “was” ever consistent but to be perfectly honest with you now… he is showing his signs of age and this is no disrespect to him but we need a sweeper keeper (for AVB tactics) it was all too evident against Chelskii… Lloris showed his quality against Spain… he is also rated in the top 5 keepers in the world by many person in the footballing world.

    It’s time to usher in the new keeper Lloris

  • PBspur says:

    You only have to see Lloris against Spain and Brad against Chelsea to realise that now is the time for Lloris to take over at Spurs. If AVB wasn’t trying to be so nice, given his experience at Chelsea, then he would surely have picked Lloris on Saurday. I fully support AVB and whoever plays for Spurs but if he sticks with Friedel (and Gallas ) his judgement will be questioned.

  • Dribble says:

    Freidel, it is low… I do not understand that he does not opt for Lloris by transferring his job by facilitating his integration in the team… He would be more useful for his team. But not, he prefers to go out humbled by this match… In my opinion he’s an idiot, the truth.

  • ColinSC says:

    Lloris is the better goalie, Brad is now getting past it. Gees four goals this week c’mon?

  • shannon says:

    Friedel is a great keeper. Lloris is good too, but I’d stick with Brad, he makes fewer mistakes by far and is much more solid. He’s 41 but he’s a goalkeeper and I wouldn’t be surprised if he went on for another few years. Yes he let in four goals but I challenge anyone to say that he was remotely to blame for any of them. Cahill’s volley was an absolute bullet, Mata’s first was right in the corner and for his second Gallas let him through for a one-on-one with our keeper which gave him no chance. For the fourth goal Mata picked out their sub unmarked at the far post after Walker had given him a free run at goal. To those who say that Lloris is better – how the hell do you know? By what yardstick? Get real.

    • Dribble says:

      When I read your answer…

      I think that Lloris made an error by coming to your place… This club is not as high as its talent and instead of thanking him for its coming, you treat him more low that be in hiding!

      Hugo; please, leave fast in another club!!!!!

      • shannon says:

        My intention is not to put down Lloris, or point to the mistakes he has made. But Brad Friedel has played really well and behaved very professionally and he is a very good goalkeeper. There is no doubt that Lloris is our future, but no player can simply walk into a team and take the place of an excellent player. He has to fight for it, and Friedel is exercising his right to fight back, with the team benefiting. If Lloris is as good as everyone says that will become clear to the coach. Lloris wasn’t bought for a lot of money simply so that Tottenham could humiliate him.

        • Dribble says:

          Lloris is not (more) your future, he is the chance which you did not know how to seize because you are not used of manager of big players.
          Your trainer is a clown! Due to wanting to establish this competition at all costs, Villas Boas is going to burn out both goalkeepers…
          It is also a liar, because he persuades that makes his decision at the last moment and Freidel teaches us that he knew that he would be in the team to face Chelsea…
          I hope that Lloris will leave from this winter for another club which will know how to recognize its talent.

          Best Regards

          (Thank you for being indulgent for my very approximate English…)

  • JOHN ADAM says:

    I do not agree. Because he is tall with a long arm reach,I have every reason to believe that Lloris would have reached that ball, powerful as it was, tapping it over the bar especially that the ball came straight to the goalkeeper. The ball went over Friedel’s hands because he is not all that tall. For the second goal, Lloris with his agility and long arm reach, he would have leapt towards the post and try to reach the ball at least. Friedel remained stationary on his goal line. For the third goal, Lloris, quick and agile as he is, would have come out of his goal earlier to block the shot or try to at least.. For the fourth goal, no goalkeeper cold have saved it as Sturridge only had to tap the ball into an open goal from an easy and accurate pass after Walker had lost the ball… I am not saying that for sure, Lloris would have saved all the first 3 goals but I can confidently say that he has the qualities that would have made it more likely for him to do so. I have nothing against Friedel who is no doubt a good goalkeeper having done well for Spurs but my point is that when you are up against a strong team you obviously select your better goalkeeper for the match. Of course, the whole argument rests on who is better. Lloris is better, in my opinion, while respecting yours.

    • riez says:

      I agree, if Lloris play on that day may be the result is different. I’m confident Lloris can change the game result.He is a top class keeper compare to friedel (Klinsman also not interest him for US team)

    • shannon says:

      Lloris is 1,88m and Friedel is 1,87m. Not a significant difference. We really can’t guess what a different goalkeeper might have been able to do in the same circumstances. There is also a good chance that the goalkeeper was unsighted for that goal you are discussing. Maybe because Lloris has a longer neck he would not have been unsighted?

  • Last spur says:

    What a demonstration.
    Friedel 36/130 .. on his last ? What about the others.
    Lloris 21/82

    In other terms 27% for Brad, And 26% for Lloris

    What about the comparison between premierleague and Ligue 1. In premier league, loosing ou against the 10th is a total counterperformance. In France, it’s usual because there is less difference between the club squads. That’s why, even a club like Lyon could loose against Sochaux, Lorient or another little squad.

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