The lottery, Joey Barton, computers and everything else that is wrong with football:


The contract system
The current system means an unhappy player can run down their contract and leave for nothing when it runs out. Then they can easily negotiate inflated wages at their new club because they haven’t had to pay a transfer fee. Surely the best system would be if a club inserted a clause in a contract whereby they had to receive a transfer fee for a player if they left at the end of their contract? Imagine how annoying it there was a club who kept on allowing their players’ contracts to run down and lose them for less than they are worth. Oh wait…

International retirement
As I have written in a previous article, if a player chooses to pledge their allegiance to a country, it is a contract for life. Their international career should end simply when they stop getting picked, not when they feel they feel it’s time. The England boss is the one who dictates when players’ international careers start and he should be the one to dictate when they end.

Technically superior teams who moan when they get bullied by ‘lesser’ teams
Again, I’ve mentioned this in a previous article. Obviously everybody prefers to see the dazzling football that Barcelona display every week. I’m sure even Tony Pulis himself even wishes that his Stoke team could be a bit more like Barca. Unfortunately some clubs have to do the best they have the the resources they are given and that means a more tactically-aware approach for some teams. Deal with it.

Fans on websites who, while trying to make their point, type like a child
This is somebody who is trying to get a point across to me while we are face to face: ‘you are wrong because…’
This is somebody who is trying to get a point across to me while they are behind a computer ‘you are wrong, you have no idea how to write and your mum is stupid’. Obviously this isn’t a problem exclusive to this website, or even a problem caused by every single reader, but for too long now have I written an article only for  it to be spat on by somebody who automatically assumes that because I’m a writer, I must be corrupt and my opinion is factually incorrect. If it’s constructive criticism then fair enough but usually it is sheer idiocy.

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