Has Arsenal’s goal-scoring hope already blown his big chance?

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Olivier Giroud’s lack of finishing ability was all well and good whilst Arsenal were eeking out results. But now that they’re not grabbing the results they need, I’m sure more accusatory fingers will begin to point at the Frenchman.

Many fans will feel that a 1-1 draw with Champions Manchester City was a good result. The truth is, however, that Arsenal were in the ascendency throughout most of the game. They created chances and were the better team. Lack of a natural finisher, however, seemed to cost them and it was left to a central-defender, Laurent Kosciely, to grab the equalizer. It’d be cruel to blame Giroud for this, but it’s true to say that he added very little when he came on.

The same was true during Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat at the hands of Chelsea. Giroud came off the bench looking to change the flow of the game and added very little. Indeed, a miss towards the end of the game ended up costing the Gunners. Wenger himself, seemed a little bemused that he didn’t put the ball in the back of the net:

“[Giroud] was in a good position. Why did he not score? I don’t know, I felt [he should have scored], yes.” (Source:

He’s usually granted plaudits for his physicality and strength in the air. But that’s pretty much irrelevant for an Arsenal side who like to play the ball along the ground into space. On the limited number of occasions that Giroud has been tested physically, I haven’t been that impressed. In terms of hold-up play, he’s no Didier Drogba.

When news of the Frenchman’s signing first bled into the public domain, some fans immediately began to worry that he’d end up being another Marouane Chamakh. Perhaps these fears were justified.

For those who make the Thierry Henry comparison. It’s one that just doesn’t make sense. Yes it took him 11 games to score, but he was brought in as a winger. Giroud was brought in as a striker, whose role is to grab goals. His failure to do so is now costing Arsenal.

For the moment, however, Arsene Wenger has little choice but to stand by him. It’s not exactly an area where Arsenal are spoilt for choice. Let’s just hope that Giroud’s selection doesn’t cost the Gunner’s further.

What’s your take? Can Olivier Giroud still come good?
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  • nick4 says:

    Yes he can I have seen him in ligue 1

    • Omobolergy says:

      Sure he can come back and scre goals for us i was xo suprised that he have not score in the premiership because when i watch him in league 1 his goal scoring abilities are good and outstanding..his long range re also good as well which i think he will be able to deliver fo us….finger crossed

  • gav says:

    its so early in season and you fucking talking crap how long did it take for henry to score and bergkamp get lost you idiot we your crap artical you dont know fuck all

  • dan says:

    I had never believed in giroud. Chamakh was also once a hot striker in ligue 1 and became a flop in England, same as giroud

  • Oja says:

    Football is a pragmatic game. It is the mrthod that works. Yes the goals are not coming but it will come.

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