Where it’s gone wrong for Brendan Rodgers:

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Of course many people were cautious as to whether he would be up to the job, being a small time manager at the helm of one of the biggest football clubs in the world. He has only had a few months in the job, so it would be very harsh to already be calling for his head. However, analysing the players he has brought in and let go amongst his tactical acumen in the matches that have proceeded the season thus far, can help shape the season Liverpool will be in for.

Rodgers certainly has a very cool head on his shoulders and this is evident in the way he talks to press and expresses his demeanour. Very nuanced in his answers, he is as accommodating as he is principled – much like his expression of how football should be played. The modern manager indeed, but he was hamstrung in a variety of ways from the moment he came to the club.

The owners made it very clear he would not be armed with the war-chest that Kenny Dalglish had so haplessly squandered last season. Also, the fixture list handed to Liverpool could hardly have been more unkind with opening fixtures that forced Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United all to have earlier than expected trips to Anfield.

Not to mention, the time it would take Liverpool to naturally adopt this style of possession based football, which in its purity, rarely sees the ball being hoofed up front at all. Adding to this myriad of problems, is the need to force the players to display one of the most technically difficult styles in football.

So Rodgers was first tasked with getting rid of dead wood, which he managed to do to a large degree. Jay Spearing was loaned out to Bolton, though it’s safe to say he perhaps won’t have a future at his beloved club. Charlie Adams was sold off, Jordan Henderson was mooted to be involved in a swap deal for Clint Dempsey until the deal went south and Andy Carroll was loaned out to West Ham with a view to a permanent deal, despite having no replacement lined up.

This was, of course, without Brendan’s knowledge, who stated he would never have sanctioned the deal without a replacement lined up. But the fact is, Fenway Sports Group have been shook by the exorbitant amount they paid for average players last season and refuse to be held to ransom. They have, however, forked out £11m on Fabio Borini (a player in the mould of Dirk Kuyt, though he hardly impressed yet by any stretch of the imagination) and £15m for Joe Allen who looks half decent but represents an inflated price.

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  • ding dong says:

    I cant understand why this has the headline where its gone wrong for brendan rogers as we are only four matches into the season if it was say 18 matches in then yes we could ask the question but to start jumping on the press bandwagon look for rogers head before he has been given enought time to shape the squad to his please lets stop hearing about LFC being in decline every team goes through a sticky patch lets judge him at the end of the season and get behind him and the team.

    • Haider Ali says:

      No-one’s jumping on the bandwagon. Did I say he should be sacked? if you read it I said it would “be harsh to be calling for his head”. Secondly where did I mention Liverpool were in decline? I’m actually admonishing to be given time to implement his style, so read the article carefully before you make silly assertions. And a few games in, even you must agree it’snot gone well thus far.

  • RedRoy says:

    Top club needs a top manager, trouble is, top managers want cash, so for me Rodgers was probably the cheaper option, not that i have a problem with Rodgers (yet) but i do wish he’d put four in the middle and get the strikers closer together, unill we’re in a position to change things. In all fairness we did piss on City and were unlucky not to have won that match, but West Brom and Arsenal over ran our midfield and went on to deserved wins, i have my reservations as to where our next win will come from if we continue with our current formation. YNWA.

    • Haider Ali says:

      I agree with much of what your saying and I do see a win around the corner. We been handed a difficult opening fixture list so that adds to the hardship, but tweaking it a bit would have been ideal.

  • shane says:

    it hasnt gone wrong take your bullshit headline to the gutter.

    • Haider Ali says:

      So it’s gone right so far? A decent performance against Man City is all we have produced so far. We were awful against Arsenal, for sixty minutes against West Brom and against Hearts. SAo how about you be an honest fan and say we it has gone fairly wrong at the moment. But your just another one of these blind fans as I like to call.

  • Sleuth says:

    i sincerely think nothing has gone wrong. since FSG took over, no manager has been given enuff time to establish his team. Rodgers deserves the time to show his ability as much as any player on the field. the article doesn’t say fire him- its clear the team hasn’t had the best start, fixtures are funny-style and some players are still learning the new formation and tactics. i see no reason why he should play 4 in mid when they should practice the 4-3-3 and get used to it. its sad Skipper aint formed yet, Lucas out and Skrtel not so sharp, but we can go far, esp if he allows the front 3 to swap wings freely, playing Borini as the poacher in the centre, Suarez damaging from left-wing (much like how the play went for Borini’s 1st LFC goal). YNWA

    • Haider Ali says:

      I just don’t see Borini getting us 20-25 league goals a season. But it wouldn;t hurt to see him play through the middle. We got Sterling on the Left, I’d play Suarez on the right of the three so he can drift in like he used to plat at Ajax.

  • Sleuth says:

    and please stop swearing. it makes you sound like imbeciles who think using an offensive word will drive the story home and make us see your side of things- on the contrary!! be a real fan, not an e-hooligan

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