Why this Arsenal star is the best signing of this current transfer window:

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Yes, I’m going out on a limb here – and quite likely I will disappoint and potentially infuriate a few readers, but on ability versus price – I firmly believe that Santi Cazorla represents the best buy so far this transfer window.

Let’s start by looking at some of the other signings of note. Many Chelsea fans will jump to the fact that Eden Hazard and Oscar are just as, if not more, gifted than Cazorla – however a quick glance at the individual statistics of each player will show a far different story. Hazard had, by far, his most successful season at Lille last year – even then falling behind Olivier Giroud of Montpellier in the end-season goals list, and his form for Belgium – given the caliber of the countries that they are often pitted against – is marginally better than average. All in all, he hardly justifies his staggering $115m, including transfer fee, package over 5 years.

Oscar, while still very young, simply does not have the physical capabilities to thrive in the EPL. A physical, mid-table team such as QPR will easily quell any creative spirit he possesses simply by overpowering him. Additionally, his rather large transfer fee of $39.29 million seems high for a player that does not have sufficient experience at this level. His performances for Brazil during the Olympics have been below par-at-best, with other Brazilians Leandro, Hulk and Neymar far outshining him.

Turning our attention to other signings of note, Shinji Kagawa at United seems like nothing more than a replacement for Park when it comes to selling merchandise in the far East. To think that he will play a big part in Sir Alex’s plans seems highly unlikely, and a little unfortunate, for a player who would have been better suited for a move to Fulham.

Everton have re-signed Steven Piennar from Tottenham. Hardly anything to write about given his below-average form when he was given game-time for Spurs. Nevertheless, he has produced strong performances for David Moyes and it’s a pity that Everton have ended up losing money over his sale and subsequent buy-back.

And that brings us to Santi Cazorla. He’s already in a team that has acquired the highly experienced, though off-form, Lukas Podolski and Ligue One’s top scorer Olivier Giroud. It is the general ability, the style, the ability to play exceptionally in any part of the midfield at the highest level, player awareness and ball control that make Cazorla truly brilliant. He almost single handedly guided Malaga to a Champions League berth in Spain, their first in their history. An excellent piece of business, and by far, the best deal so far this summer.

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  • Dylan says:

    im sorry, im a strong arsenal fan but wht you said about Kagawa is simply WRONG. He carried Dortmund to two Bundesligas and outshone Gotze for the most part, certainly outperformed him. David Silva has shown that you dont need physical qualities if technically you are excellent, which Oscar is. Also, in the case of Hazard he was behind Giroud but he played as a winger last year, and was highest Ligue 1 assists man. I appreciate you’re a strong supporter but you seem to be ignoring key issues, and making extremely questionable statements just to try and prove a point, which is the wrong way to do it.

  • James says:

    Arsenal fan? Haha idiot. He is a good signing but to write every other club signing off? Kagawa a shirt seller, better at fulham? Hahaha you are utterly clueless about football. Hazard and Oscar, two VERY promising signings won’t be able to hack it? Yet Cazorla will? Despite being relatively unthought about until this season? Get a grip you dirty gunner.

    • Heshan de Silva says:

      I have no doubt that Hazard will more than comfortably ‘hack it’ in the EPL. But business wise, he simply costs to much as is too unproven at this level. Cazorla turned down a move to Real in 2010 and was snapped up by Malaga for almost $20 million last season from Valencia. Unthought of? Please.

  • Kakaki says:

    D best signing ever 4 dis season is conzorla

  • nick4 says:

    Don’t think Kagawa was bought for just selling merchandise

    • Heshan de Silva says:

      We’ll see. Seems very odd that Park should go on the back of Kagawa coming in don’t you think?

  • udehsam says:

    So obvious..he’s the best buy, all credit to AW!!This man just cannot stop coming up with surprises. He’s the master in the business of Transfer dealings!!

  • MyLeftFoot says:

    Kagawa bought for shirts. Over priced Hazard and Oscar purchased as Chelski are desperate to get their hands on anyone Arsenal might be after. As for Cazorla, this was a brilliant piece of business considering he had an initial €44m price tag on his head. He will prove to be the best signing of the season regardless of which team had got him. Ferguson and Di Matteo must be gutted just like their knob head fans.

    • Heshan de Silva says:

      Absolutely. €44million down to €18million for a proven and experienced mid-fielder. Best business by far and an incredible signing.

  • Taiwo akosh says:

    Am a true gunner!!! Santi Cazorla is a best signing Ever in premiership this season I love my club DNA Arsenal…

  • Jackson Gbara Alison says:

    Well, I believe truly that Wenger had done a brilliant signing this summer transfer. But what is important is what will archive at the end of the season as a club not to praise players that had already signed.

  • jide says:

    No doubt cazorla is a good player but to say kagawa was bought only for shirts, that’s moronic. Mata and silva have proven you don’t have to be a wrestler to play in england. Get a grip.

    • Heshan de Silva says:

      Odd that Park should leave upon Kagawa’s signing right? Everyone knows of United’s brand capabilities in the Far East, don’t be naive. As for Mata and Silva, they were already proven at the highest level before making their moves to the EPL. Oscar simply does not have that experience. That combined with his limited size and hefty price tag make him a fairly average signing at best

  • Nadeem says:

    What a moronic article, do some research on Kagawa before making such a stupid statement. I am of no doubt Cazorla is a fantastic buy, but to not mention Kagawa was an integral part of Dortmund’s charge to two Bundesliga and recent dominance over Bayern Munich. European Sports Media Team of the Year included Kagawa, so hardly a ‘shirt seller’.

    • Heshan de Silva says:

      Kagawa’s performances are secondary to how Sir Alex chooses to use and play his players. Berbatov was favored over Tevez. Look at how that turned out.

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