Premier League Predictions: Man City Champions, Swansea relegated and Arsenal ousted from the top four

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So the Olympics have deserted us and now the attention turns to football. After a magical two weeks, the onus is on the Beautiful game to silence the cynics and live up to expectations. Even more so when you consider the barnstorming campaign of 2011-12.

Premier League champions – Manchester City. 3 months on from Aguero`s defining winner, City look to show they can dominate the domestic game. They way they dismantled Chelsea yesterday sent out an ominous message. So far only Jack Rodwell has arrived but with the squad they have now allied to a winning mentality it will take something special to sink the Blue Moon.

Runner’s up – Manchester United. They threw the title away in the finishing straight and now must endure a whole season of City being introduced as champions. The return of Vidic is timely but no longer can United rely on City handing them favors. If Van Persie does arrive it will level the playing field.

Final Champion League Spaces – Chelsea and Liverpool. Oscar, Marin, Hazard- fantasy football has arrived in West London. After a fairytale C.L triumph the pensioners seek to challenge for the title. The new boys will take some bedding in and this season will come too soon for a strong title challenge but anything lower than third will be a disappointment. Liverpool now seek to address a new mentality under Rodgers, the signing of Allen will hardly set pulses racing, but providing no major departures, Liverpool can challenge for fourth, as long as they remember your supposed to win at Anfield.

5th place/Europa League – Arsenal. Yet another summer of transfer speculation plagues the Gunners. They exceeded expectations last year thanks to Robin but will he stick around for much longer? Apart from that, the same old problems persist, but then again I said the same last season.

Relegation – Reading, Southampton, Swansea. This writer should really concentrate more on the championship, so this prediction is really a stab in the dark. What I do know is the folly of predicting the demise of  Wigan, no matter the circumstance.

F.A Cup – Liverpool. It seems Liverpool are destined for another season of causing a stir in cup competition whilst frustrating in the league. Runners up last season they can go one better this year.

Carling Cup – Manchester City. With the strength of squad they have City will look to add the Carling Cup to their rapidly expanding trophy cabinet.

Premier league top scorer – Sergio Aguero. The Argentine showed his clinical nature throughout 2011-12 but we have yet to the see the full spectrum of his spectacular talent. As good a chance as anyone to win the golden boot.

Player of the season – David Silva. The little maestro fatigued as the season went on, but for much of it was the leagues standout player. After a summer of triumph expect him to dazzle again with Toure not far behind.

Signing of the season – Oscar. The `new Kaka` was generally outstanding in the Olympics and he has the attributes to shine at the Bridge.

Surprise Package of the season – David Luiz is fast putting his calamitous nature behind him; he could just emerge as a contender for the finest central defender in the country.

Flop of the season – Jack Rodwell. They boy is talented but to go the strongest squad in the league with a powerhouse midfield is dangerous. He only has to look at the limited time given to the even more gifted Adam Johnson to understand the challenge facing him; if he starts more than five Prem games it will be a shock.

Champions League – Real Madrid look best equipped this year but that is only assuming Barca may have teething problems under Vilanova. Outside the Spanish duo, Bayern will be broken men after May so maybe a team like City will make more of an impact.

Champions League dark horses – Juventus. The Old Lady came back with a vengeance and any team who goes through Serie A unbeaten will be pose a threat, Europe is grateful to have an iconic club back.

Europa League – Some Spanish side who finishes a million points away from Barca and Madrid but still outclasses any English pretender.

N.B – After the bonkers finale to last season, I must end on a pessimistic note. This season will almost certainly fail to match the drama of last year, but we live in eternal hope.

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  • Chris says:

    Wow what a load of crap

  • showtime says:

    liverpool over arsenal.really?get serious.manc,manu,arse,totenham,newcastle,liverpool….

  • Stephen says:

    What are u talking about mate you just wrote wat happened last year do you thing this is ways going to happen no mate thats wrong city will never win it again ok and last weekend game is just chelsea made them look good believe me mare you are wrong mark my word and by the way it will take much much longer and hard working effort for city to win the champion leagues my you can go and watch some other sport cos it seem like you sont understand it

  • Destr0 says:

    wow, you really went out on a limb there with such predictable predictions…except for Liverpool who finished closer to the bottom than the top last term. expecting top 4 for them is just silliness.

  • Theogene says:

    Arsenal will become 2nd, and manchester united will finish 3rd Man city 1st

  • Karl says:

    Hah, Liverpool 4th and FA cup winners? That’s just delusional, and I’d love to know what you’re basing that on. Honestly, Liverpool’s squad is even worse this year than last year, and with all the other top clubs making big signings, why would you assume Liverpool will outshine them? Simply ridiculous.

    Swansea is also an out of the blue prediction, considering how they played last year they should end up mid table

  • tiommy gun says:

    Arsenal 5th??? Fuck off. We’ll be challenging for the title this season.

    Chelsea were “dismantled” by city?? You think 3-2 is being dismantled. Dear oh dear what a twat you are.

  • Iceman says:

    What a surprise – Arsenal out of Champions League. What muppet wrote this? Just a re-hashed prediction from the last 6 years – Arsenal will struggle…blah, blah, blah. Change the record and find some other club to hate.

  • WayneCurr says:

    Arsenal 5th are you actually taking the piss, it’s the same old crap every year, with Liverpool ahead as well ha this must be some kind of a joke. Have you been watching the transfer window at all. We brought in Podolski who’s an amazing player. Giroud who’s an absolute beast. Carzola who was considered to be the best mid in the La Liga last season. This happens every season everyone predicts that we’ll drop from top four and the Liverpool will resurge as a top team. We’ll I predict that we’ll come third atleast we’ll see who’s right

  • Mr Bluesky says:

    Man City will walk the Premier League this season by 8 points or more. Chelsea are City’s biggest rivals and Liverpool & Man Utd can hang on to their ‘biggest club ego’s but they’ll fight it out between them for 3rd & 4th

  • henwall says:

    this article is very pointless..arsenal should be up there in the predictions..i expect them to go all the way..what!.i even give them my birth to go all the way in champions league what with the three world class signings they just acquired…so..this article is the result of lazy journalism..

  • GoonerEris says:

    If you were any good at this, a few betting agencies would be bankrupt by now. Go get a life!

  • sammy says:

    God, reading that was a waste of time.

  • Boris says:

    Reasonable assesment but Spuds must be in with a shout for 4th. Can’t see City not winning it, neither can I see United keeping up with them this season.

  • Woow woow woow it not true and this a nonsence sperculations arsenal my team will beat †?? first class to lift †?? cup this season not only one but three of it †?? F.A cup,EPL,and champions league keep it in mind done say i didn’t say it

  • Chelski says:

    Signing of the season: Oscar? I am a Chelsea fan but I’d like to see some objectivity…

    How about Santi Cazorla? cost half as much as Oscar and is mature and tailor made to fit Arsenal’s passing game.

    A very biased write-up

  • Mr. Logic says:

    ARE U SERIOUSLY AND KIDDING ME? GO GET A LIFE MAN, totally wasting reading this rubbish article, If you dont know how to predict at all, just stop wasting people’s time and publish such article, I BET you are a MAN city fan, PURE NOOB….. WORST ARTICLE EVER

  • caribgooner says:

    wow!!!what a load of SHIT

  • Chongo says:

    we are just suckers for this shit.

  • ian says:

    Holy shit this is the biggest pile of dross I’ve read in a long time. Time to get another hobby i think.

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