Date: 9th August 2012 at 11:00am
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Betting is not limited to end or scores.  In the near future – maybe I already missed it – I expect that addicts will put their money on the colour of underwear of star players. Match-fixing and cheating at sport does not seem to be going away.

What about cheating at the Olympic Games? In ancient Greece Ausanias wrote about the Thessalian Eupolos to be the first to bribe competitors at boxing games. And haven’t we also seen some weird matches in the Badminton department during the current Olympic games, where Asian players did their utmost to lose?

When a player scores in his own goal, or misses a penalty twice things start smelling fishy. But can you smell a rat when it giving the first corner away or deliberately miss a penalty?Stopping organized crime who makes big money with the betting is a hard task. Betting will continue as long as man exists. Acquiring proof of a fix is an incredibly hard process.

One way to stop the fixing might be a stop on live betting. The Dutch government will put match-fixing under investigation. Minister Schippers blocked an investigation for a long time, stating that it was the responsibility of the Association (KNVB) and its players to sort out. On the other hand, it’s also claimed that the KNVB does not have the legislative authority to chase criminals.

Other governments have or will take actions on fixing-teams. Countries like Sweden and France recently introduced new laws against football manipulations. But in the Netherlands there is no hurry, nor an urge to change laws. In the country where St. Nicholas still exists, match-fixing is an evil that wanders elsewhere. Source: VI, voetbal en maffia (Knipping and Van Duren).

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