Are Chelsea now a perfectly oiled machine?

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Chelsea have begun the new Premier League season successfully, winning their first three games of the campaign. The Blues are the team in best form so far and now we can start to outline the first impressions we have got from Roberto Di Matteo’s side.

First, it’s impossible to ignore the rise of Fernando Torres, who has scored 3 goals in 4 games (including the Community Shield final). The Spaniard got his confidence back, which guarantees even better displays from him.

It seems that Torres and Eden Hazard could set up a lethal partnership, as the Belgian has already proved to be one of the best signings during the summer transfer window. Hazard took part in 6 of the 9 goals Chelsea have scored and he could be the one to regularly provide Torres with the ammunition he needs. If this partnership develops well, Chelsea would possess a huge advantage in the title race.

£75ms on new players sounds too much, as Chelsea became one of the teams to spend the most this summer, but the new signings have definitely brought depth to Di Matteo’s squad. The Italian manager now has a very well-balanced team, which consists of versatile first-teamers and reliable reserves able to change the course of any given match.

The midfield zone is the most impressive. Chelsea have brilliant players that can operate in different positions. This gives Di Matteo a variety of options to rotate his players during important games and prepare tactical surprises for Chelsea’s opponents. Time will tell how Cesar Azpilicueta and Victor Moses will integrate at Stamford Bridge, but they could end up being useful options for Di Matteo too.

The most distinct feature in Chelsea’s game is the intelligent style of play the manager aims to impose. Di Matteo is Italian and is not very excited by the idea of playing too attractive football. He tries to find the best possible balance between defense and attack, focusing on team’s solid defending, but at the same time he has brilliant attacking players who can decide any game with just one magical touch. The manager is sober-minded and he trusts his speedy players to bring side’s victory.

Another trump card Di Matteo has in hand is the high efficiency of his midfielders when they help to defend. The excellent teamwork is proved by the compact and disciplined movement of the players when the opponent gets the ball. Thus, Chelsea do not concede too many dangerous shots.

Right now the European champions look like a perfectly working machine, ready to overpower any opponent. Chelsea’s unwavering discipline and efficient style put The Blues among the biggest title favourites, along with the two Manchester sides. However, it’s too early to make categorical predictions on how Chelsea will go on this season. If they win the European Super Cup and then beat QPR and Stoke City, Di Matteo’s players would gain an immense self-confidence before facing top teams in October and November, where Chelsea have to affirm their title ambitions and challenge City and United.

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