Why this Arsenal star is worth much more than £8m

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Arsenal may have signed two top quality centre-forwards this summer, but most fans will still feel their hopes are pinned on their captain Robin Van Persie. As things stand however, it’s not clear whether the Dutch ace will put pen to paper on a new contract. With the air of confusion and uncertainty that’s taken hold over at the Emirates, it’s unsurprising that so many stories have made their way into the tabloids concerning RVP’s future.

Whether or not they have any credence, however, is another matter. I think there are very few people who know just what the Dutchman’s real motivations are this summer and this situation may continue on for some time. So what are we to make of Gazzetta dello Sport’s claim (via ESPN) that Juventus have had a £8m bid for Van Persie rejected by Arsenal?

Firstly: £8m? It’s a paltry sum indeed, but it actually gives the story a faint ring of truth. Juventus are known for being a little miserly when it comes to spending and may have been looking to test the waters and see if Arsenal were even prepared to enter negotiations.

Even then: £8m? £8m for a striker who scored 37 goals in 48 appearances last season? £8m for a man who led by example and contributed 15 assists? Robin’s influence was felt throughout the team last season and it’s fair to say that without him Arsenal would have been a long way away from a slot in any European competition.

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Yes, it’s true – RVP will have just one year left on his contract, but how much is a striker who can offer 30+ goals worth on a season-by-season basis nowadays? With progression in the Champions League and a high-place finish in Serie A (something RVP could help Juve achieve) worth an absolute fortune, Arsenal should look to get compensated appropriately.

He’s one of the world’s best strikers, one of football’s most technically talented players and probably Arsenal’s most important player. If they’re ready to sell there are sure to be plenty of other teams out there prepared to pay more than £8m.

The Gunners sold Nasri for £24m and he had just a year left on his contract. RVP is twice the player that the Frenchman is. So let’s hope that Arsenal tell Juve to stick it!

What’s your take? Exactly how much is Arsenal’s skipper worth?

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  • Profstev says:

    55 million i fink!he z more dan toress

  • temi dayo says:

    i urge arsene wenger to keep RVP no matter how please reject any bid from any club

  • tissiam says:

    true that rvp is 30 but with all his injuries&his playing time over the last few season i reckon his football age is 27!!

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