Why he’d be a perfect signing for Manchester United:

Transfer rumours about Robin van Persie’s future simply cannot be silenced. It seems that the most likely destinations for the Dutch are – Manchester (City or United) and Turin (Juventus). (Source: BBC).
There’s no doubt if Manchester United manage to buy the striker, it’d be ‘the transfer of the summer’. With van Persie in their squad, The Red Devils would be ready not only to regain the Premier League title, but to attempt to conquer the Champions League for the fourth time in their history.
Just imagine a partnership between Rooney and van Persie, with the Englishman playing as a second striker, behind the current Arsenal captain. They are both great goalscorers and they both possess everything they need to decide any given match. There would be no better attacking duo than this one during the upcoming season. Manchester United lost the championship last season because Rooney didn’t have an adequate and constant partner.
Neither Hernandez, nor Welbeck scored enough goals to help their side. Van Persie’s coming to United guarantees some crucial goals during the campaign. And, besides, The Red Devils would have quality subs on the bench. Even if one of the strikers is out of shape, there would inevitably be another to replace his teammate. What a tremendous attack it would be!
The Dutch striker is a really complex player, he is an incredible goalscorer, but can also be useful in the midfield zone and as a winger, as well. Van Persie is able to do what Rooney does and from this a fantastic partnership could be build.

Sir Alex Ferguson needs experienced players, especially when it comes to big games. Too many youngsters didn’t sustain the pressure last season and United were unable to win a trophy, frittering their chances away easily. Van Persie has formed as a leading figure at Arsenal and he can lead his eventual new team up to big successes.

And the last, but not least, reason for why the 28-year-old Dutch striker would be a brilliant signing for The Red Devils, is the enormous motivation to win trophies.
Season after season van Persie has to live through the pain of winning nothing at Arsenal. It’s understandable he wants to quit, The Gunners have even not been involved in the title race for years. And Manchester United give him the opportunity to capture all the domestic trophies, plus the Champions League one. And after the previous unsuccessful campaign the Manchester side would be even more eager to win a championship. That’s why van Persie will be inspired to do his best at United. The Red Devils adore creating history, something the Dutch would love to realize.

Sir Alex has already underpinned his squad after buying Shinji Kagawa and Nick Powell. And if Ferguson succeed in securing van Persie’s services, Manchester United will be title favourites in the Premier League, and one of the strongest contenders for the Champions League.


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