Why Andrea Pirlo remains an incomparable master of finesse:


The recent comparison to Wilshere and Gerrard seem to me nothing but a the after effects of frustration, which might just be natural when one’s team has not only been sent home but also dismantled by the passing skills of one man. With so much ahead of him, Arsenal’s English midfielder is undeniably a talented athlete but comparison with Pirlo might just be over complimenting for a 20-year old whose career is yet to be fully unfolded. Harry Redknapp’s warm words might have been to encourage the young man and maybe send an uplifting message to the state of morals in the England camp, yet, Wilshere is no Pirlo and neither is Steven Gerrard.

The Liverpool captain is undeniably among the greatest players of all time and compliments from Zidane and many of the greats only comes as backing, but still he is no Pirlo. They might both be part of the midfield, but Gerrard cannot really replace a Pirlo or vice versa. Clearly geniuses, both take a different approach and angle to the game. Like fine wines of the same calibre, each carry their uniqueness.

The sheer amount of control Pirlo has over the ball is sometimes reminiscent of a circus act rather than a game of football. Pirlo has been described a “safe” by his teammates who revealed how giving the ball to the veteran maestro feels like locking it in one. A very similar compliment came from the French team when a certain Zidane was still plying his trade in blue. It doesn’t seem hard to guess why. So far, Pirlo’s control has been ingenious and judging by his performance in the recent European tournament, his usage of brain, body and feet have been in perfect synchronization when needed.

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Gerrard, a midfield genius, a fine shot of the ball, a great passer and undeniably a great leader… Wilshere excels in the Arsenal engine and delivers to keep it going, but using your feet with nearly the same amount of control one usually only have over their hands, is an art showcased exhilaratingly by Pirlo, and so far unmatched in consistency. If this wasn’t the case, the name Pirlo would not be popping up on the sporting headlines from left, right and centre.

Michael Owen suggesting Scholes to be as equally good as the Juventus midfield genius seems like a friendly tap on the shoulder for a mate, but might just sound as a compliment fuelled by a few good drinks on a sunny day to most football fans. Scholes is a legend and there is no way of denying that but just like Gerrard and Wilshere, not a Pirlo.

If anyone kept a close eye on the style in the precise execution of dizzying stopovers, quick mazy dribbles and some dexterous touches, the uniqueness of Andrea Pirlo would remain unchallenged.

If you might feel like a refresher of the demolition teams suffered from the 5 ft 7 genius, feel free to have a look at this clip, HERE… Andrea Pirlo’s take on delivery is not only exquisitely effective, but out of this realm. Those that understand the difference between playing football and feeling the football will be in agreement over Pirlo’s footballing philosophy.

It might just be time to re-tune our perception regarding veterans, as they just seem to have proven and still be proving enough to show that they aren’t soft pudding, at least not anymore, not in this generation. P for Pirlo, P for perfection, P for passion, P for precision, P for a player you find once in a generation.

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