The Top 16 Best (and Worse) new Premier League kits:


Most of the new kits for the impending season have now been released for the fans to see and purchase.  There have been a fair few debates regarding the design of each kit from the fans and the obvious discussion and debates from other fans too.  But who really has the best and worst kits?

The football kit as we know it has undergone many changes over the last 50 years.  But each year kits get nicer and more modern, whilst providing us with a few talking points during off season. This year there have been some pretty big changes to kits, some of which are nice and some of which are highly debatable amongst fans.  Either way people will buy the shirt because it’s their team and they will wear it anyway.

The kit that was the centre of most discussion I think was the Man Utd kit.  People were discussing this kit for days on social network sites. Obviously it’s very different for them, but it’s not the worst kit this year, for me that has to be the Liverpool 3rd shirt.  Thats a really bad looking shirt in my opinion.  The sleeves with the fake tattoo print are just ridiculous.  The best shirt in my opinion is the Chelsea home shirt. It just looks good and it’s in good keeping with their traditional colours and still looks like a football shirt. Anyway, enough natter: check out the gallery of the good, the bad and the plain ugly below:

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