Spot the difference in Gareth Bale


All the talk in recent days has been about the participation of Gareth Bale in Tottenham’s pre season tour of the US, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter suggesting the Welshman be banned from pre season fixtures, as he was declared injured and unavailable for TeamGB duties at the Olympic Games.

However, what’s more interesting (to me anyway) was Gareth Bales appearance during Tottenham’s draws against the LA Galaxy and Liverpool. Whilst the Welsh Wizard is known for decimating deferences with his lightning speed and fantastic left foot, he is also known for his famous sticky-out ears, similarly to those of another Spurs Great, Gary Lineker.

Well it came as a surprise to eagle eyed viewers that his ears seemed to have shrunk over the summer since we last saw the 23 year old in action.

We can only make presumptions at this stage however it suspiciously looks as though Mr Bale’s ears have been pinned back.

Judge for yourselves, take a look at the ‘evidence’ above and comment below! Did he get his new ears as a special ‘add on’ to his contract extension and will they help him run faster OR is it just camera mischievousness.…you decide!

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  • Mikee says:

    Definitely ears pinned back to help with speed. Watch out fullbacks, he’ll be gone before you even see him now!!

    • C Smith says:

      Yes… he got them back to help his speed. LOL Sad supposed to be an idol and how will kids with big ears react now when they get bullied when they see people like Bale getting them fixed. Selfish and vain in my opinion

  • graham says:

    Looks like it….which is good as it will only make him faster…less wind resistance!!!!

  • DDS says:

    lol Mikee 😉

    Good one GB, it looks better.

  • Mikkel says:

    Come on, dont say hes selfish! I got my ears pinned that and that was one of the best decisions in my life! Maybe he wasnt happy with his look before because of his ears. 100% respect for him

  • Anne Claire says:

    yeah! you could see a huge difference. Though he looks more charming with bigger ears. But he look different and i guess he’s happy with the result.

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