Project White Hart Lane – What the future seems to hold:


Harry Redknapp’s reign at Spurs seems  to quickly be fading away even if he’s warm presence has not only brought back smiles, but also pride to the North London outfit. The recently axed Chelsea manager was quickly tipped to take over and his contract, now a fact, shows just how the board at Tottenham are looking at the future.

A horizon of plain canvas left in the hands of the Portuguese manager who saw his dignity restored by getting back in employment in the world’s top league and at the rival club of his former employer. If the cold plate of vengeance tops Andre’s “projects”, then we are in for an exciting & unpredictable sporting drama next season. Van Damme proved how revenge can be a dangerous motive when he took out Tong Po in Kick Boxer, and now, the time might have just arrived for the boys in white to show their mettle.

Unlike many managers, Andre Villas-Boas was given a chance for redemption almost instantly. A long list of viable & more experienced tacticians would have most probably, jumped at such a chance but the stars seemed to have chosen the young manager & Levy’s trust and faith only add to the boost Villas-Boas seems to wake up with every morning, regardless of the weather.

So, what might the new project at White Hart Lane entail? Looking back at some of Villas-Boas’ management it seems like a shock to the system is imminent for all those connected to the North London club, especially those who took a serious liking to Redknapp’s relaxed management.

Adebayor has also finally been made a permanent signing at the Lane and the new man at the realms seems clearly determined to bolster a few more positions in his squad, with his interest in Daniel Sturridge looking promising. The latter’s chances look to be limited at Chelsea with more experienced options being at Roberto Di Matteo’s disposal.

Could it all finally click for Spurs this coming season? Silverware guaranteed with AVB?

Footballing Philosophy
AVB is known to prefer the 4-3-3 similarly to Mourinho but with a few tweaks of his own. Pacey wingers have usually been preferred to playmakers and full backs given a more significant role in attack and delivery. The squad at Tottenham holds enough flexibility to compliment the manager’s tactics, and 70 million added on top gives the Spurs fans more than enough to match their excitement.

Similarly to his manager, David Bentley might be given a redemption card in expressing himself. Aaron Lennon could easily instate himself as an AVB protégé should he manage to sustain his consistency with the former Porto coach promoting wing play and full backs pushing forward. A shuffle of the current squad and talents coming in look bound to give the club’s football more punch and flow this coming season. At last, maybe Tottenham will make “scintillating” a fitting word in describing them should they believe in their new mentor’s vision.

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