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Is the time right for Robin Van Persie to move on?

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He is one of the most wanted strikers in the footballing world at the moment but in order to keep his goal scoring form running, it is vital he stays loyal to his club. Although I am a Manchester City fan, I reckon he would not perform at his best if he played for a so full with great attacking players. If he joined Man City or Man United he would have to fight his way through all the egos to find the limelight.

Robin Van Persie has played for Arsenal since 2004. In the early years he was often overlooked by the legend Henry and was often hit with injury, therefore making him unable to show his full goal scoring capabilities until the 2011/12 season. After a sublime season scoring 30 League goals and taking the golden boot he showed the world how much talent he possesses.

With the likes of Dzeko, Tevez, Aguero and Balotelli already fighting for a place, the addition of RVP would not impress them. If this signing was to happen then expect to see players leave the Etihad, looking for more game time. Everyone knows that Van Persie is searching for trophies thus Man City would be a good option. But with all their world class strikers in the squad, I expect him to have a quiet season and maybe grab 10 goals. Cast your minds back to when Edin Dzeko joined the and had a silent season, many people started to question the talent of the man, but now has found his feet and looks comfortable playing for City. This may be a mirror image of RVP (If he was to join).

Manchester United would look the more appetising move if he wanted to get lots of game time but with Wayne also in the team, I’m just not sure whether they could work together and push for the League. For me it would be unusual to see RVP in a Manchester United shirt as the two teams are such big rivals. We do know that the Red Devils have placed a bid for the star and Fergie is worried he may have to over the odds to beat City and Juventus in the race to sign the star.

If Wenger (or the board) wants to keep the 28 year old, then he better start spending the bucks on WORLD quality players and not YOUNGSTERS who can help Persie challenge clubs for trophy wear. At the moment Arsenal contain players like Song and Arteta who are good players but not great players. Arsenal can be content with the players they have at the moment, but you can’t just win the League with just good players.

Where do you think Robin Van Persie should go?

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