Just What is it About Arsenal?

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In June of 2007, an Arsenal captain left the club in an unanticipated change of heart. In August of 2011, an Arsenal captain left the club in a far more predictable resurfacing of heart and sentiment. Both Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas were Barcelona-bound, a phenomenon representative of emancipation from a burgeoning culture of uncertainty at the club. Now, once more Arsene Wenger looks down the barrel of a gun, with his latest captain, Robin van Persie, yearning for the exit. Such a repetitive and seemingly inexorable annual soap opera must, at some stage, lead the footballing fraternity to the question of just what is going on at the Emirates Stadium?

Robin van Persie, through a statement on his personal website, becomes the latest name on a long list of marquee players identifiable by their mutual desire to clamber to the Arsenal exit. It is a lineage of great impression and quality, pertaining names such as Emmanuel Adebayor, Aleksandr Hleb and Samir Nasri. Such frequent and unstoppable loss of talent has threatened in the mind of many Arsenals very standing as a top-tier club. How, it is repeatedly asked, can a club claim with a viable degree of honesty to be of major status if it hemorrhages star players in such a persistent manner?

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The very answer to the perpetual dilemma of Arsenal lies in the reasons to often cited for transfer moves away. Big players want big wages and big opportunities to win big trophies. By implication then, Arsenal, increasingly, are viewed as neither competent nor significant enough to regularly satisfy such criterion. This leads, ultimately, to the very phenomenon restricting Arsenal: lack of ambition.

It would appear that, over the most recent period of the Wenger tenure, Arsenal have been content to achieve only a bare minimum Champions League place year-after-year, whilst holding as sacrosanct beacon of hope their shiny new stadium. However, such an approach is illogical, as well as fundamentally-flawed. It is in steadfast defiance to the propensity of competition that Arsenal rarely attempt to even affect the latter stages of the Champions League. By adhering to a relative brand of austerity, in the context of the modern game, Arsenal do not allow themselves to purchase the players necessary to be competitive deep into the Champions League, thus rendering it a futile exerciser.

The disease infecting the psyche of major Arsenal players has reached pandemic standards. After seven seasons without hoisting aloft so much as a measly trophy, Arsenal are in a flux, an identity crisis the like of which have came along frequently in their history. To inoculate against future loss of talented and intrinsic players, such as Robin van Persie, Arsenal must find ambition. Theirs must cease to be a club motivated merely by a squeaky clean balance sheet and confined to a stubborn parsimony. No longer can a fine monument of a stadium constitute great achievement. Arsenal need to adjust to the fluctuations and gyrations of a changing football culture.

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  • John says:

    Omg, I have read a lot of crap over the last few days, but this is certainly up there with the worst. Not only are your arguments a load of toss, but you also seem to have overdosed on the thesaurus. Maybe you should just start with words you actually understand instead of falling into w@nk prose.

  • anon says:

    From your name one would assume that your mother tongue is english, at least insofar as writing is concerned. But from the article itself that is not at all clear. If your mastery of the language is so poor, how do you expect to convince anybody about the arguments you (so ponderously) attempt to make?

  • g clarke says:

    more likely a sign of the times cash is king arsenal could not depend on vp again this season very unlikely to repeat, as bril as he was all arsenal need are people who can put away a quarter of the chances provides they dont have to have all of vp skills. every media is always knocking arsenal but we are in better shape than last time another striker and perhaps mid field and we will be ready to fight for the lot 3rd last year with many more problems

  • Armourist says:

    This is extremely poor, shrouded in big words but essentially saying go bust to get trophys, look at the teams getting trophys, Real Madrid, Barca, Chelsea, Man city and to a lesser degree Man utd, notice the endless streams of cash at their disposal.

    In real terms what you are actually saying is if you cant get the girl, try and get plastic surgery to become better looking, Arsenal aren’t like that we’ll go to the gym and work out, sure it takes time, its painful and takes commitment, but in the end the club will be stronger for it.

    These are just the hard times in the growth of a superclub, its why genuine business men are fighting over us rather us being an oil barons plaything, they cost money, we make money and that will turn to trophies in due time.

    • cin says:

      Rubbish, at least Arsenal can spend the money they get from Transfer window.

      How many years we have to wait to get a trophy. May be no trophy in future for arsenal.

  • Jake says:

    whats wrong with arsenal slowly building, whats wrong with todays game is teams being classed as successful just because they buy an influx an succeed. too generalised and common, unclear reading

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